Russian Cities: A Tourist Guide for the Top 10 Largest Cities in Russia

Russian Cities: A tourist guide for the top 10 largest cities in Russia

Russia is fast becoming a first-choice tourist destination because of its timeless appeal that holds tourists spellbound through beautiful architecture, friendly people, and monuments that take us back to pre-historic times.

Russia is the largest country globally by total area with amazing cities that offer so many fun activities to tourists, but this doesn’t mean you should visit just any town. 

Russian cities offer peculiar tourist attractions such as its national parks, with landscapes varying from desert to frozen coastlines and about 100,000 rivers and lakes.

With over 120 ethnic groups that offer a diverse cultural experience, as a tourist who seeks to enjoy the very best the cities have to offer, you must use a tourist guide. 

In this article, you will unravel the top Ten Russian Cities from the largest cities in Russia to the most vibrant ones; this article is your one-stop guide on your tourist adventure.

From Moscow to Sochi and Irkutsk, you are about to step into an electrifying world of colors, warmth, fun, and safety; we will begin our exploration with Russia’s largest cities and what they   

*Please note that the cities are NOT arranged in any particular order.


We have to start with what has been described as the most vibrant capital in all of Europe, Moscow. As a tourist eager to visit the largest cities in Russia, we recommend that you kick start your exploration with Moscow. You will walk through streets over 800 years old with edgy architecture and impressive skyscrapers.

All Russian cities have a spot, a place, a center that represents the most visited part of the city, and in Moscow, this is the Red Square, which is at the heart of the country’s capital. At the Red Square, you will find that ancient styled structural designs surround it with notable landmarks nearby, such as the St. Basil Cathedral and the Kremlin.

From the Red Square, bask in the wonder of the St. Basil Cathedral that was commissioned in the 1500s built into onion-shaped domes with the most colorful designs and standing tall in all its glory.

Tourists are also interested in visiting the Kremlin, which offers many attractions in its 2,235-meter-long walls with about five squares to walk through and numerous buildings to examine. You will experience a lot of fun learning the names of its 20 towers, and guess what?

The Kremlin is home to the world’s largest bell, Russian cities are such educational and fun places to visit.

In Moscow resides a landmark that attracts over 2 million visitors yearly since it opened for the first time in 1924: Lenin Mausoleum. The Mausoleum is a groundbreaking site with a glass sarcophagus housing the Russian leader Vladimir Lenin’s embalmed body, and you cannot afford to miss this tourist location.

If you think we are done with Moscow, you must think again because Russian cities have so much to offer that the typical short stay offered to visitors is never enough time to explore. So when in Moscow, maximize your time by visiting Russia’s Historical Museum. You can’t miss this neo-Russian design dripped in a reddish-pink color with relics from pre-historic times.

But the historical museum is not only about its architectural designs, which is what categorizes all Russian cities but more about its relics, artworks, and the base for Russia’s biggest coin collection. Some of the paintings you will find are from the Romanov Dynasty; now, this is part of what makes Russia unique.

Are you excited about shopping while on vacation? Then visit Russia’s department store GUM! Shop and enjoy the stunning interior of GUM that was built from 1890 – 1893. The store has over 150 boutiques that sell a variety of luxurious ideas and if you are not keen on shopping, enjoy the beauty of the GUM.

There is nothing quite as exciting in Russian cities than the nightlife and when in Moscow you will need to visit Arbat Street, which is historically located in the city center. When you get out at night, you will find many cafés, souvenir shops, restaurants, and music performers’ spots. There is always a fun crowd in Arbat Street every night; you will never be bored here, which is a promise from Russian cities.

From Moscow with love, there you have one of the largest cities in Russia at the heart of the country and filled with immense possibilities for tourists. A visit to Russia is only complete with a visit to Moscow as that would mark the start of an exciting experience with beautiful people, places, and cultures.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg

After Moscow, you’ve got to visit Saint Petersburg! Saint Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia known for its cultural and historical value as it is home to the most beautiful museums in the world. There are no words to describe Russian cities because of how regal they are, and Saint Petersburg is breathtaking.

Tourists often enjoy the Hermitage museum in Saint Petersburg, not just because it is a large space and contains some of the world’s oldest artifacts. You cannot explore the entire museum in a day so get ready to split your time between that landmark and Nevsky Avenue, where you will find churches, palaces, and some restaurants for a quick lunch.

Russian cities are known for their museums, as you will find in the different reviews below, but the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg is in a class of its own as it is the second-largest museum in the world. Get closer to Russian royalty on your trip by visiting this museum with over 1,000 rooms home to Russian Emperors.

From the den of museums in the city and just 30 kilometers from the central part, you will find the most magnificent Peterhof Palace with 64 fountains just outside the palace, great for Instagram-worthy pictures, right? If you want the most impressive photos from your tour of Russian cities, you can catch a boat from Saint Petersburg on the Neva River and see spectacular views of the area.

You can visit the places, let’s talk about the activities you can do while in Saint Petersburg, beginning with a trip on the Majestic Museum ship called Aurora. Take this trip on a sunny afternoon and you will love it. Food lovers and those who enjoy a wide array of cuisines will enjoy opulent food and Russian candies at Yeliseeve Emporium.

Did we mention Catherine Place and Park? Now that is a most striking edifice with gold designs, but this palace is the famous Alexander Park, which is less formal than the Catherine Palace. At Alexander Park, you will find several attractions ranging from an opera house (get your music on) and miniature designs of some famous buildings in Saint Petersburg.

The Grand Market is the best place to visit while in Saint Petersburg as it showcases the rural life you can experience in Russia. It is also one of the most fun places to go with friends on this trip if you think about the best ways to round off your trip and then visit the Mariinsky Theatre for full-blown entertainment.

You will enjoy the theatre performances from beautiful dancers to opera singers displaying the best of Russian culture. Since the theatre dates back to 1860, it has an impressive building, exotic interiors, and a beehive of theatre performers; what’s not to love about Saint Petersburg?

So while Moscow can be described as Russia’s cosmopolitan City, Saint Petersburg is at the height of its cultural explosion, and tourists find it a fascinating place to explore. Russian cities are all about finding architecture and palaces as some of the largest cities in Russia are also the most fun places to experience in Europe.

Saint Petersburg has a lot to offer you, but for you to live out the truth of that experience, you’ve got to get that tourist invitation letter, a visa, hop on a plane and get into the city of Saint Petersburg.


Chelyabinsk is one of Russia’s largest cities in seventh place and is highly recommended for tourists who wish to have a fantastic vacation only Russian towns can offer. From parks to lakes, monuments, and museums, you get an authentic taste of the Russian tourist experience while in Chelyabinsk. Your first stop has to be the State Museum of South Ural History, with over 250,000 artifacts that offer guests insights into the region’s rich history and culture.

Chelyabinsk also gained global recognition and popularity as a most preferred tourist location because a meteor struck it in February 2013, making it a meteor site. Great weather, calm waters, and beautiful scenery make this Russian city a prime spot for tourists seeking solace in another country.

Although Russian cities are known for their pedestrian streets that get crowded at night, the Kirovka pedestrian street is very famous because of its life-sized bronze statues. While taking a walk in the street, you will also find a wide array of cafes, shops, and restaurants offering a feel of the locality to tourists. One thing remains ever real with Chelyabinsk; you can never run out of dining and shopping options in the city.

Enjoy a hockey game while visiting Chelyabinsk at the Traktor Arena, where locals and tourists troop in to cheer up a favorite team. The arenas have top-notch facilities with friendly staff that all contribute to making your experience a memorable one.

There is an impressive monument of the man who first created the atomic bomb in the USSR called Kurchatov in Chelyabinsk. If you love physics, you will find the vertical platforms behind the monument symbolizing elementary particles fascinating.

Take a break from monuments and museums to enjoy a relaxing weekend at Gagarin Park, where the environment is so tranquil you will feel an instant connection with nature. At the park, you will enjoy delicious meals, walks by the lake, hear the birds sing, and observe the diverse array of wildlife you can only find in Chelyabinsk.

Unlock your Russian taste buds with the best of Chelyabinsk meals in restaurants like the UralskiePelmeni where they offer Russian dumplings and other savory dishes. Chelyabinsk also has the most beautiful views while tourists cycle in places like the Studencheskuiy Mine Park: don’t just cycle away, pause to enjoy the breathtaking views only Chelyabinsk can offer. With this city, you are bound to have a complete Russian tourist experience that helps you appreciate the country’s heritage.


All you need to compel you to visit Kazan is one picture! One picture and you will fall in love with one of the largest cities in Russia where you have so much to do and lots of experiences to soak in that you will need more time with your visa. Like most Russian cities, Kazan always exceeds tourists’ expectations as its prime location at the confluence of the Volga and Kazanka rivers always makes a great first impression.

The city was founded in the 11th century with a medieval heritage like most Russian cities. It is one of the major Russian cultural, and religious centers often referred to as Russia’s third capital. We can guarantee you about Kazan that you will never be bored, so let’s know why we say this confidently.

As it is with all Russian cities, Kazan has so many beautiful historical sites, such as the Annunciation Cathedral, which is currently the only church in Russia from the 16th century. For some street vibes, you must visit the Bauman pedestrian street at the heart of Kazan and connect the Kremlin with the Tukay Square at the city center. You will find people (locals and tourists) strolling on this street as you visit local shops and restaurants.

You cannot be in one of Russia’s largest cities without visiting the Museum of Soviet lifestyle: the museum is located off Bauman street so that you wouldn’t need transportation. You will find artifacts from Soviet times at the museum and learn a thing or two about that era.

The Kazanka River embankment is one of the most fun places to visit while in Kazan as you will find restaurants serving Russian meals and open-air gyms for some much-needed fitness while on your trip. Rent a bike, enjoy a ride around the embankment or just take an evening walk in the most serene environment.

Kazan is the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia. When you visit, you get a unique opportunity to learn about the Tatar culture, which is quite interesting. Speaking of the Tatar culture, the Tatar cuisine is one of the many reasons people chose to visit Kazan before other Russian cities.

You will find old and famous restaurants with many vegetarian options on the menu and then the most remarkable chak-chak museum that provides Tatar sweet dessert. At the chak-chak, you taste Russia with you.

Russian cities have a lot in common, and when you visit each of the cities, you will find the similarities intricately laced in the architecture, food, culture, and people. Kazan contributes to that web of connections with Russian cities by offering what every tourist seeks in a new environment: the freedom to explore!


Irkutsk is a historical center and has a heritage site named by UNESCO and trust us when we say it delivers on the UNESCO standard in many ways. As one of the largest cities in Russia, it embodies the historical values of a former Soviet region. There is so much to enjoy in this city so let’s get started! Tourists enjoy taking a walk around the heritage site on beautiful Russian mornings that make it seem like you are in a fairytale.

Health is wealth, and Irkutsk has a Central Market where locals and tourists shop for fresh veggies, berries, and fruits brought from the local market. You can also buy homemade jams and some Russian styled herbs at the market with locally made liquor. Irkutsk is also known for its ice hence the reason you will find some of the oldest ice-breaking ships in the world in this city.

A notable ice-breaking ship is anchored at the Angara River; you should see the historical piece as it was used to crush ice as far back as 1962; you will go back in time and love the experience. Irkutsk also offers an organ concert in an Old Catholic church that doesn’t serve religious purposes anymore. If you love music in a calm environment, then your visit to the city will be a musical adventure in an old former Polish community.

Do you know that Russian cities are home to some of the finest art collections? Well, Irkutsk proves that as its Museum of Fine Arts has the biggest art collection in Siberia, it entails sculptures, paintings, and icons. Interestingly, the Museum of Fine Arts also contains a collection of folk art from the local people in the area, so if you are curious about local art, the Irkutsk museum is right for you!

What is a vacation or tourist visit in Russian cities without great pictures? Irkutsk has got you covered as you can take photos at the “Babr,” which is the city’s symbol that has been added to every visitor’s bucket. It has become a staple photo spot: you can only show that you visited Irkutsk when you have a photo of the Babr sculpture on the square by Leninastreet.

Wood: you will naturally find wooden architectural designs in Russian cities, but they feature most prominently in Irkutsk. The most famous wooden building in Irkutsk is the Shastin Manor, which is also called the “Lacy house,” and although it was built in the earliest part of the 20th century, it was restored in the 1980s. Today the manor is a vision to behold, and tourists love visiting to learn about its rich history.

Another cool place to visit in Irkutsk is 130 Kvartal, a fun pedestrian street with lots of wooden restaurants that offer the most delicious Russian cuisines. With a huge shopping center at the end of the street and facilities for kids all in a lively atmosphere, you will fall in love with Irkutsk.

Even if you are not a religious person, you cannot help but love Russian churches for their architecture. Irkutsk has some of the most beautiful churches, including the Epiphany Cathedral draped in rustic gold and white and the spectacular Church of the Holy Cross’s Exaltation.

Your tourist visa gives you access to explore the most beautiful Russian cities. Still, that permit also provides an outlet for you to specifically bask in the wonder of cities such as Irkutsk, where history meets nature, street fun, and iconic monuments.

Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod is also called Nizhny as a shortened form and is the sixth-largest city in Russia, with cultural heritage and an epicenter for art galleries. When you visit Russian cities, you are guaranteed a myriad of experiences. Music is one of them, and Nizhny Novgorod offers different live music bars and cafes with the most musically soothing concerts that one of the largest cities in Russia has to offer.

At Nizhny Novgorod, you will also enjoy visiting the only church that has remained in the Kremlin: the Cathedral of Archangel Michael and its magnificent designs. Known for its ancient towers and a fantastic view of Oka and Volga confluence rivers, Nizhny Novgorod is a tourist’s delight.

A favorite activity for tourists who visit Nizhny Novgorod is taking a ride on the city’s cable car, which offers a memorable opportunity to view its breathtaking landscape from the top. The largest cities in Russia are best viewed panoramically, and you are in for a landscape treat on the cable car ride in Nizhny Novgorod.

Are you interested in electric equipment or engineering in general? Then you love the Museum of Old Equipment and Tools in Nizhny Novgorod. You will find an exciting mix of old radio and TV sets at the museum, including underwater exploration equipment with telephones used in previous eras. The visit to the museum will be an educational experience for you on your trip to the beautiful Nizhny Novgorod.

As much as most Russian cities offer attractive architectural designs that make you marvel at the country’s beauty, there are also many romantic spots in these cities, as evident in Nizhny Novgorod. The Fedorovsky Embankment in this city is best suited for a romantic stroll with a view of some of its oldest parts. Even if you don’t travel with a partner, remember to go for an evening walk on the Fedorovsky Embankment, such a fun experience.

There is no street life experience, especially in the evening like what you will find in one of the best-preserved streets in Nizhny Novgorod: BolshayaPokrovskaya. The roads in this area maintain their 19th-century style and are a most splendid place for a late afternoon walk (with great photo spots) or an evening out on the town: the lights are spectacular in the evening.

Russian cities are known for stunning palaces and family homes passed down from one generation to another, and in Nizhny Novgorod, there are many of such buildings open to tourists. From the Nizhny Novgorod Fair to the Maksim Gorky and the Rukavishnikov Mansion, you have various structures to visit, take photos of, and learn about their history.

Yes, all Russian cities are impressive, but tourists agree that Nizhny Novgorod holds a peculiar appeal to them because it offers a mix of everything that represents the true Russian heritage.


Novosibirsk is the third-largest city in Russia. Although it was not open to foreigners during the Soviet reign, it has blossomed into a beautiful historic city that retains the authenticity Russian cities embody.

In the whole of Siberia, Novosibirsk has the most extensive art galleries as it is aptly named the cultural capital of Siberia, offering everything from Modern Russian art to thousands of exhibits, paintings, and Orthodox icons.

The State art Museum is like nothing you will find in other Russian cities, and its striking architectural design makes it a must-visit landmark for art enthusiasts.

The largest cities in Russia are characterized by beautiful architecture and interior designs. Besides what you see on the outside, you will also marvel at the inside’s historical details. Most of the interiors you will find in such landmarks are modeled after the Byzantine style, and the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Novosibirsk is an example of splendid architectural design. A visit to this Cathedral will blow your mind.

If you think you have seen numerous animal species, wait until you visit the Novosibirsk zoo, one of the largest zoos in Russia that is home to over 10,000 animals across more than 700 species.

They will also find the zoo fascinating for science-inclined tourists as it is also a scientific institution that offers breeding programs for endangered species. If you travel with kids, then the zoo will be fun for them because it has an activity area where the kids can take care of animals.

A visit to Russian cities is not complete without getting a taste of a truly Russian style cuisine. You find it is a traditional Siberian food experience. There are artsy restaurants in this city beautifully designed to capture the city’s essence and with a creative Siberian menu that includes meals such as elk steaks.

Novosibirsk also comes alive at night just as it is with the Russian cities, but this time, you get to enjoy the city’s memorable cocktails and comfort foods such as fries, salads, and burgers (your home away from home).

Don’t worry about missing out on your love for soccer games because you can watch live games at the Spartak Stadium in Novosibirsk, and if you visit in winter, the stadium is used as an ice-skating rink.

Russian cities come alive at night with music in some areas, and you can top up your Novosibirsk experience by listening to live music at Brodyachaya Sobaka. While dancing to good old Russian music, enjoy good drinks, night food at the bar as you also listen to comedians and theatre auctioneers 

Novosibirsk stays true to what the largest cities in Russia offer: fun, adventure, architectural beauty, great food, and outdoor activities as tourists get lost in nature. When you do decide to visit Russia, don’t miss out on all the fun that awaits you at Novosibirsk.

Veliky Novgorod

When you get to the East side of Veliky Novgorod, just by the pedestrian bridge, you will see a sculpture of a young woman looking calm as she gazes into the city.

The statue was named “Tourist: in Russian, and it represents the calm and relaxed experience tourists are guaranteed when they visit this city. Russian cities are open to tourists but you must be intentional with your exploration and Veliky Novgorod is a good place to start.

Veliky Novgorod is one of the largest cities in Russia and the oldest, which means you are bound to bask in many historical monuments that take you back in time to a modern era.

Just as locals encourage tourists to toss a coin in the Tourist’s shoe for some good luck, we urge you to visit this city with magic in mind because where the old meets contemporary, magic happens! Some historians refer to Veliky Novgorod as the “Birthplace” of Russia as it was known as a trading center in the 9th century.

If you love history, you will find this city most fascinating. If you are also traveling between Moscow and St. Petersburg, the largest cities in Russia, you must stop at Veliky Novgorod.

What can tourists do in Veliky Novgorod? Tourists always enjoy the medieval monuments within the walls of the Kremlin. Start your exploration with the St. Sophia’s Cathedral, the oldest church in Russia, and then visit the Millennium of Russia, which celebrates 1,000 years of the Russian nation.

The Millennium Monument has over 100 figures designed in three levels representing state, religious, and cultural people and created in 1862. Despite the monument getting damaged in the Second World War, it has remained intact to the present day and is a significant landmark in Veliky Novgorod.

Opposite the Millennium Monument is the most beautiful Orthodox Church of Novgorod, also called the Holy Sophia Cathedral. You cannot miss this Cathedral because it is quite poignant, painted in white, embellished with gold at the dome, and beautiful scenery.

We mentioned that Veliky Novgorod was a trade center in ancient times, the Yaroslav Court was a prime spot that Court remains a notable tourist attraction today. The beautiful pedestrian bridge at Veliky Novgorod is built over a river where tourists enjoy riding bikes.

Russian cities are historical centers with lots of museums so what can you expect from an ancient city like Veliky Novgorod, an open-air museum of course! The museum is open daily for tourists, and from that fun area, you can take a local bus to the cultural village at Yandex.

Veliky Novgorod also offers fun boat rides on the river, and you will love these rides in summer; oh, how lovely to ride under the blazing sun with beautiful scenery all around.

When you arrive at the riverbank, go take some time off at the Kremlevskiy beach, pack a picnic basket and enjoy the beach while lost in the beauty of one of the most beautiful Russian cities.

The Hanseatic Fountain is another tourist fun spot in Veliky Novgorod that has become one of the most visited landmarks in the city, with souvenir shops all around the fountain. Veliky Novgorod also offers a “Footbridge” quite close to the Volkhov River on one side and the Sofia on the other side: the footbridge is a nice spot to connect with other tourists.

If you have never seen a Bell Tower with large ancient city bells like you will find in most Russian cities, then Veliky Novgorod should be on your list of places to visit. You can buy tickets to see the Bell Tower, and at the tower, you gain access to the beautiful view of the Volkhov River, which is a most satisfying sight.

Veliky Novgorod stands out as a tourist delight for those wishing to visit Russian cities. While the world moved on to modernity too quickly, the city preserved its historical value. Of course, all of Russia offers historical encounters for tourists.

Still, in Veliky Novgorod in particular, you get to live out this reality such that you leave with an appreciation for the ancient times which characterize the real Russian spirit.

Sochi, Russia


There is a famous city amongst Russian nationals, and it is also one of the largest cities in Russia, that city is Sochi. So what makes this city stand out to both tourists and locals? Firstly, it is located on the Black Sea with a very warm atmosphere making it the most desired destination for tourists visiting Russian cities.

A swim in the Black sea has got to be on your bucket list, and one trip to Sochi is what you need to tick it off the list. Russian cities also hold a Soviet appeal as most tourists visit the country to view the remains of the Soviet Union, and Sochi is a prime spot for such adventure.

In 1934 Joseph Stalin ordered a reconstruction of the city. Since then, it has been a right mix of the old and modern, with Sochi offering a Soviet architecture with contemporary designs.

The largest cities of Russia all hold a certain appeal: their connections to history through impressive landmarks that stand the test of time, which is also evident in Sochi. From the Sochi Railway Station to its Winter Theatre, you are bound to find yourself in a timeless city that seeks to take tourists to historical moments through preserved monuments.

Like other Russian cities, Sochi has also maximized the sea areas in Russia such that most of the waterfronts have become a delight for tourists. At Sochi, you will enjoy visiting the dolphins and interacting with them up close at the Riviera Dolphinarium, which also offers an amusement art service. Enjoy jolly rides, amusement park shows, and more fun activities at the park and relax in a city built to pleasure its locals and tourists.

If you love Russian cities’ scenic views, then get ready to find the most stunning views in Sochi. Sochi offers a panoramic view of the Black Sea and hills all from Mount Akhun, from the top, you will see the entire expanse of the city. Many tourists prefer Sochi to other Russian cities because it is warm for most of the year, and knowing how cold Russia can be, you will appreciate the warmth and some much-needed sun.

Have you ever visited a climate-controlled museum? If you haven’t and want to, then Sochi awaits you because its museums are the most fun places to visit while in the city.

The city has a variety of museums: art, sports and history museums. So yes, you will find warmth and play with dolphins, but you will also gain additional knowledge through the museums, and that is how you enjoy a complete vacation.

If Russian cities are blessed with nature’s gift through its seas, then it means they have an abundance of seafood, which is also available in Sochi.

When you visit Sochi, you are bound to find beautiful places to eat fish and numerous seafood types. Some restaurants offer specialized cuisines from the former Soviet territories, and you can enjoy such dishes in the most serene waterside environment. Fresh fish and sea creatures are always on the menu!

Still on the fish discovery, did you know that Sochi has Russia’s most exciting fish farm? You can enjoy the fish Sochi offers, learn about fishing and briefly study the process of fish farming at the Trout Farm in Adler. After fishing, why not visit the waterfalls?

There are numerous waterfall options in Sochi, as in the Lazarevskoe District alone; there are 33 waterfalls, but please note that you need to plan your trip around the rainy season to enjoy this feature.

Dolphins, waterfalls, seafood, and a warm environment, an escape from the cold in typical Russian cities, are all you will enjoy in Sochi. So get your sunscreen ready, contact Visa Express and let’s get you to Russia.


Yekaterinburg is one of the beautiful and largest cities in Russia, known for its architecture, sculptures, and special cultural events. Although other Russian cities have unique historical sites, it’s nothing compared to what you will find in this city that is overflowing with a rich history as displayed through its colorful buildings.

A crucial concern for tourists is knowing what to do within the allotted visa time as no one wants to travel to a place for fun and run out of ideas. However, with Yekaterinburg being one of the largest cities, you will find more than enough activities to engage with friends and locals.

Russian cities are known for having remarkable monuments. Yekaterinburg is no exception: you will find two beautiful public sculptures and monuments as you pass through the city’s State Opera and Ballet Theatre. The first is a keyboard monument, and the second is an artistic sculpture of the Beatles Band that musically inclined tourists find fascinating.

Visit Yekaterinburg if you love technology and celebrate the impact of technological advances in Russian cities along the Iset River dam, where you will find public art that pays homage to technology and computers. At the keyboard monument, you will find an oversized QWERTY keyboard with a local adage that says you can reset your life by stepping on Ctrl, Alt, or Del; Yekaterinburg is a place to visit.

What’s a tourist experience without food? Your tour of Russian cities is not complete without trying out the local cuisines, and Yekaterinburg has a wide array of meals on offer. You will find small cozy restaurants with a rich menu offering savory Russian style meals prepared with local ingredients and a burst of flavor in the city.

If you care for dumplings in particular, then Yekaterinburg is your best bet as the restaurants in this city offer the best dumplings in Russia. Tourists can either bind their dumpling dough themselves or stuff the dumplings with their preferred filling making for a fun food experience in classic Russian style.

Russian cities are known for unique architectural designs, and one of such structures is at the heart of Yekaterinburg called the Church upon the Blood. With historical roots far back to 1918 with the execution of Tsar Nichols II. This great Church built with Byzantine architectural sketches dripping in gold from the dome downwards is one of the most famous sites to visit in Yekaterinburg.

From your tour of the Church upon the Blood, you will need to relax at the Part and Yekaterinburg is known for its Victory Park, where you can step away from the city to an oasis of tranquility.

Russian cities are enveloped in nature, and this is no different from what you will find in Yekaterinburg’s Victory Park, where activities are done in a forest-styled area. Picnics, horse-rides, Russian meals, bike rides, and walks through the trees are just some of the activities lined up for your delight.

Do you know that Russia has a deep appreciation for classicism? The country does, which explains why in most Russian cities, you will find traces of classism in their universities and museums.

In Yekaterinburg, you can see such tribute to classism at the Yekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet, where you are invited to watch operas and ballets. This opera and theatre house also has a reputation as being a central theatre in the region.

Monuments, technology, food, architecture, natural parks, and historical displays through classicism are just some of the most defining features that Russian cities offer, and Yekaterinburg has it all. When are you visiting? The city of Yekaterinburg awaits you!!

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доскоройвстречи (See you soon)

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