Save Time & Money Doing Research before Traveling Abroad

Traveling can be a stressful situation for anyone, but when a family vacation is the purpose, the stress can seem incredible. That pressure can be enhanced exponentially when the vacation calls for international travel. Traveling abroad has many cultural and dietary rewards. Unfortunately, the situation can create just as much difficulty once language barriers, food difficulties, and communication efforts are added into the equation. Families heading out of the country for a short vacation are best served by doing significant research prior to embarking on their excursion. After all, time is finite and measurable, which means it needs to be spent well.



One of the most important decisions facing an international family vacation concerns the hotel. The particular purpose of the visit needs to be evaluated before booking the stay. If tourism and sight-seeing are the order of the trip, finding a property located near the attractions or with access to public transportation is important. Using online travel sites is a great way to check out several hotels at once. For example, Hipmunk provides a great guide to UAE’s accommodations for getting the most recent information on amenities and included luxuries and checking out the location in relation to some of the more famous landmarks.

Prepare for the Language Barrier

Unless a native language speaker is present in the family, the language barrier requires a bit of preparation. Translation apps and periodic lessons can usually provide enough of a baseline for getting around a city, but more remote destinations can always be a challenge. Making some preparations for handling the different languages that are going to be encountered can go a long way in making the entire family feel confident and comfortable. Simple questions and phrases can be picked up with ease, which means no one has to feel out of place.

Cultural Challenges

Many countries offer different customs than many are used to, which means a quick evaluation of those customs can remove strange looks from the locals. In addition, public behavior can vary wildly from what a family typically sees, which means having some conversations can help the kids feel at ease with the changing landscape. Online travel sites can contain some great advice on getting acquainted with local customs that everyone is expected to follow, and a bit of research can get the entire travel party on the same page.


Depending on the destination, the usual staple of burgers and fries could vanish from the menu for a period of time. Families can encounter some difficulties when it comes to introducing new tastes to every member of the household. Some preparation with testing and experimenting before leaving home can put everyone at ease and prepare the pallets for the different cuisines. Picky eaters could find it difficult traveling abroad unless the destination has some familiar menu choices.

In the end, traveling abroad offers a number of rewards. Family vacations out of the country can be simplified with the use of an online travel website. Preparing for the language barrier, getting to know local customs and tastes, and picking the right hotel are just a few benefits that these sites offer families. A little bit of homework and fair amount of research and preparation can help the entire family create memories of the time in another country instead of pining for home.

This post was provided by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, a travel website that helps you to locate the best deals on transportation, accommodations, and more.

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