Single Holidays Are The Best!


Single holidays are on the increase, with the highest demand coming from the over 50s travelers. Trusted holiday companies like Saga Travel predict that 38% of their customers in 2015 will be travelling solo. Here are some great reasons why it’s smart and fun to travel solo.

Gain life experience 

Whether you’re travelling solo to take a career break or after retirement, travelling by yourself can be a thrilling experience. You get the chance to gain life experience or learn a new skill or language. Come back with more than just a handful of landscape photographs -share your selfies and tell amazing stories to your family and friends. Educational holidays such as cookery courses and creative writing trips give you the chance to learn a new skill. Learning some local language tips can be helpful in case you get lost. If you’re facing a crisis or turning point in your life, travelling solo can also be a great opportunity to self-reflect and rediscover yourself.

Meeting new people

Travelling solo gives you the opportunity to make new friendships that last a lifetime. Without a companion, it’s likely you’ll be more open to meeting other travellers and local people. For those who don’t want to be with a group all the time but want to meet people, cruise holidays, guided walking holidays and special-interest trips such as yoga, meditation and weight loss are popular choices. Some solo trips are age-specific, giving you the opportunity to meet people of similar ages and interests.


One benefit of travelling solo is that there’s no need to compromise where to stay, visit and eat. You move at your individual pace and can change your travel plans at any time you want. There are so many beautiful places to explore on your own without any arguments or fights.

Not For Young People Only

Travelling solo is not limited to young travelers backpacking around the world. Travelling solo is becoming more and more popular especially among women, whether they’re single, divorced, widowed or married. In fact, many women are leaving their husbands, partners and children at home while they venture out and see the world alone. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. If you’ve spent decades in the same relationship and are getting a little tired, time apart can help to strengthen a relationship.


Many holiday companies are scrapping the single supplement as an incentive to attract single travelers. If you do have to pay a single supplement charge, here are some ways to avoid them. Negotiate with the tour operators and hotels to waive the supplement. Book your holiday with an operator that specializes in single holidays. Another way to avoid the single room supplement is to share the room with someone of the same gender and similar age.

The solo travel market is expanding. Travelling solo is becoming increasingly popular because spending time alone helps you leave your comfort zone, gain new experience, learn about the world and make new friends.

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