Taking in the Natural Glory of Croatia On a Luxury Blue Cruise Gulet

Few European countries are as celebrated for their pristine clear-blue seas and natural beauty as the Balkan Country of Croatia. Indeed, this Eastern European tourist hot spot is home to many coveted paradises when the weather is right, meaning that a summer excursion to this trendy new destination is a must for anyone who enjoys traveling.

Even more appealing than simply visiting the country is the prospect of hiring a gulet to enjoy its wealth of amazing sights. The Luxury Blue Cruise service, based in Croatia, specifically deals with providing a gulets to tourists looking for a unique holiday experience.

Their fleet of available ships includes the Gulet Kadena, a 32 meter-long ship with 6 cabins for a maximum of 12 quests; likewise, the Gulet Romanca offers a larger option, with 9 cabins for 18 guests (and measuring over 35 meters). In total, they have access to seventeen boats, each of which can accommodate up to 18 people.

The company’s service delivery is really pretty amazing; each day, the ship’s crew will serve breakfast, after which the captain will start the engines and set sail. From there, you’ll be taken to one of the country’s many hard to reach, remote, and gorgeous bays.

You’ll be able to stay in a bay for as long as you like, with the Blue Cruise captain usually taking you to visit at least one or two each day (depending on location and your preferences, of course!). Spending as long as you like catching some rays on the deck is perfectly acceptable, while taking a dip into the ocean or going for a walk further inland will provide an equally unforgettable experiences.

At night, you’ll enjoy the fantastic cuisine provided by the ship’s gourmet chef. Depending on which menu you opt for, you’ll be treated to a different variety of tasty dishes each day, all while sitting on the ship deck in the beautiful sunshine.

In fact, you’ll even have the option to spend as many nights as you’d like docked at one of the bays; this means that, instead of sleeping in one of the luxurious cabins with their en-suite bathrooms and gorgeous interior décor, you’ll fall asleep under the stars while listening to the sound of the ocean waves gently crashing against the shore.

If you feel like swiftly reentering civilization, though, there’s no shortage of options. Your captain will take you to a port where the ship can be moored, and you’ll immediately be able to walk on shore and enjoy the local towns and cities. Spend a day watching the world go by from a cafe, doing some shopping, or find an amazing restaurant to supplement the amazing cuisine you’ll already be receiving on the ship, and we promise you’ll never want to go home!

Renting a gulet is an absolutely incredible experience, and we highly recommend that you consider doing it for your first – or next – trip to Croatia. There’s really no better way to discover the hidden beauties of the country, and with prices beginning at around 10,000 euros per week, you can ensure that you’ll be enjoying one of the most luxurious holidays this amazing place has to offer.

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