Ten reasons to love Barbados!


Barbados has long been a destination that conjures stereotypical tropical paradise that we’ve come to expect of the Caribbean. However, this part of the world is diverse, and Barbados as unique as its sister countries. Here are just a few reasons you should consider taking Barbados Holidays as this is a beautiful country with lots to see:

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

A wide range of wildlife will delight visitors at this reserve, including parrots, otters and hares. The mischievous green monkeys will probably especially appeal to children, and they’re tame enough to eat out of one’s hand.

West Coach Beach

It is well known that this island country possesses some of the most attractive beaches in the world, but the West Coach Beach is particularly impressive. Here you can soak up the Barbadian sun in idyllic surroundings underneath palm trees.

Swimming With Turtles

While there are many opportunities around the world to swim with dolphins, Barbados offers a subtle twist. In the waters around the island, visitors have the chance to swim with another enchanting marine creatures, namely turtles.

Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s Cave is one of the great natural wonders on the island. In the cave there’s a mixture of stalactites, stalagmites and waterfalls which visitors are able to see via a tram. There’s also plenty of opportunities to get off and explore this beautiful environment.


Diving in the island’s waters offers divers an array of interesting sights. Along with the stunning sea life and coral reefs there’s old shipwrecks to be seen, too.

Drink Rum

Barbados is famous for its rum connection. On the island, there’s the chance to drink the local brew in a traditional roadside pub setting, and there’s plenty of fun and atmospheric places to choose from.

Island Safari Tour

Get an overall feel for the island as you’re taken through forests, to Bathsheba Beach, and to the most northern parish of Barbados, Saint Lucy. It’s a great way to see the wilder side of the country and if you feel yourself tiring, don’t worry there’s plenty of stops where you can take photos and throw back some delicious rum punch.


If you’re a sporty type, then you are in for a treat; surfing is big here, and for old hands they can hit those crystal clear warm waters as soon as they get to the beach. For the newbies, there are lots of instructors than can show you the ropes.

Andromeda Botanic Gardens

If you’re not so thrilled by the idea of a safari or hiking, you can enjoy nature at the Andromeda Botanic Gardens. These beautiful landscaped gardens house over 600 different species of exotic plant life, and there are plenty of paved paths to amble around on.


Surfer’s Point is the place to visit for kayaking. The waters are calm, so they’re not too challenging for the more inexperienced kayakers. While the turquoise waters make it a perfect and stunning location for a day out.

If you’re having trouble figuring out which of the island countries to visit in the Caribbean, check out some Barbados, go for its history, its natural resources, its rum and of course, its beaches. You won’t be sorry!


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