The Best Beaches in St. Bart’s!

A volcanic island in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, St. Bart’s is a place that has long been considered by travel experts to be one of the prettiest in the region. A big part of this appeal are the beaches that have made many jaws drop upon first sight over the years, combining turquoise waters with blinding white sand to cast a spell over most that happen upon them.

By renting a luxurious St. Barts vacation rental, you’ll put yourself in a position where you can see all of the best beaches on St. Barts with ease. Here are the top five that have captured our imagination in recent years … we hope that they captivate you in equal measure.


1) Saline Beach

Those looking for a palpable buzz will find it at Saline Beach, as it is St. Bart’s most popular place to hang out by the sea. With a lack of rocks on the bottom near shore, it is one of the best places on the island to go swimming, though the surf can kick up on the windier days.

Those that have social sensibilities that are easily offended need to be aware that nude sunbathing is common here, as this island has adopted many of the liberal attitudes of France, which was its colonial master in the past.

Being ranked one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean should put this beach high on your list though, so try to brave the sight of naked flesh so you can soak in Saline Beach’s natural beauty.

2) Flamands Beach

Those looking for a quieter beach will find Flammands Beach to be most inviting, as many of the more popular spots on the island serve to draw the crowds away from this gem, which strangely hides in plain sight.

Wide, long, and mysteriously underpopulated, Flammands is a calm and shimmering work of art in most seasons, with winter seeing the bulk of the few wavy days that it experiences. Only a few resorts can be found here, ensuring that most of the days you spend here will be with precious few fellow strangers.

3) Colombier Beach

Want to truly get away from it all on St. Bart’s? Taking the trek to Colombier Beach is a good way to get away from the masses, as one needs to hike in on a trail for 30 minutes in the hot Caribbean sun or take a boat to access this haven of calm. Be sure to being your snorkel and mask, as the coral reefs just offshore are particularly colorful.

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