The Best Itinerary for a Trip to the Dominican Republic in 2022

The Best Itinerary for a Trip to the Dominican Republic in 2022The Best Itinerary for a Trip to the Dominican Republic in 2022

The Dominican Republic is one of the most unique travel destinations in the world. People from all over the world travel to experience the culture, history, and landscape of the country. 

Whether you want to laze around in beautiful turquoise waters, take an adventurous hike in the highlands, a stroll in the city or visit some of the more culturally preserved destinations on the island, the Dominican Republic has you covered.

Even the pickiest of people find something to love in the country and leave after making life-long memories.

Today we will be providing you with the ultimate guide to visiting the Dominican Republic to help you navigate your way through the beautiful Caribbean island also known as the DR. 

Things to See and Do

There is so much more to the Dominican Republic than its world-famous beaches. The country has the perfect weather and landscape to provide a multitude of thrilling and memorable adventures. 

La Plaza de La Cueva Hike

If you find yourself in the beautiful province of Barahona, be sure to head to the highlands and take a hike on the La Plaza & La Cueva. Situated amidst a lush forest, the two-day hike will give you the perfect punch of an obstacle course coupled with natural blue pools and green landscapes.

The Historic Town in Santo Domingo

While in the country, you can also not miss out on the bustling city of Santo Domingo. The Zona Colonial of Santo Domingo stays packed with eager tourists wanting to explore the town. The neighborhood provides a blend of historic buildings and ruins but without seclusion. The streets are lined with shopping malls, museums, hotels, and restaurants. 

Even doing something as simple as resting in a hotel provides the unique experience of a 450-year-old building full of culture and history. 

Sand Surfing in the Dunes

If you thought sand surfing on a Caribbean island was impossible, prepare to have your mind changed. The southern part of the country has a spot popular among tourists as Dunas de Bani. The area offers a totally different contrast of landscape with desert animals like spot lizards, desert goats, and herons. With dunes as big as 35 meters, glide gracefully in the sand while you sand surf to your heart’s content. 

The Kite Beach of Cabarete

Cabarete is another popular spot where tourists flock to in the afternoon. Situated about 20 minutes from the city center, the Cabarete beach houses the popular Kite beach. While people enjoy surfing, swimming, and relaxing on the beach, the main attraction is Kite Beach which is adjacent to Cabarete’s main beach. 

When the wind picks up in the afternoon, the residents grab their equipment and go on an adventure surfing the sky. In February, the sky is riddled with competitors who train all year round to participate in surfing and kite surfing competitions. 

Best time to visit the Dominican Republic

Although tourists flock to the Dominican Republic throughout the year there are certain periods where the demand for tickets grows exponentially. To understand the best time to visit the country we must first take a look at the weather during different times of the year. 

Weather Breakdown During the Year

The busiest time of the year is mid-December, not necessarily due to the activities it offers but more in regards to the weather. The weather up north of the Caribbean is very cold and the public travels to the Dominican Republic in search of warm beaches. 

This is also the time of the new year and the public gathers around Ave George Washington Avenue to launch fireworks at midnight. The weather stays relatively dry after December and the first rainfall usually begins in March and goes on and off till November. 

Many people love to come in the dry seasons to enjoy some time on the surreal beaches while others love to travel in the rainy season to experience lush greenery and beautiful views. Needless to say, most people avoid the month of September as it brings a heightened risk of hurricanes.

Since the country enjoys a lush tropical climate with savannahs, rainforests, and highlands, it will never get too cold for you to travel. Beaches in towns like Punta Cana stay relatively warm throughout the year and stay popular among tourists.

Where to stay?

Your lodging accommodations can make or break your experience in the Dominican Republic. While the beautiful weather and the endless fun things to do in the country won’t disappoint you, often simple things like choosing the wrong hotel can easily turn a great trip into a trip that you regret taking.

Essentially you want to stay somewhere comfortable while also being close to the beaches, clubs, and restaurants because that’s where all the fun is. We recommend not compromising when it comes to hotels and choosing the perfect, central spot for your lodgings.

One of the greatest spots for spending time in the country is the Bávaro beach in the popular town of Punta Cana. Rated as one of the top ten beaches in the world, the Bávaro beach has everything one could ask for, from clear, transparent waters, to coconut trees and surreal sunsets. 

The World-Class Dream Resort

The beach’s main attraction is the 5-star complex Lopesan Costa Bávaro Resort, Spa & Casino. The all-inclusive resort has everything your heart desires. Whether it be a theater, disco, gym, or restaurant, the resort has everything you can wish for in an all-inclusive resort.

Enjoy your hot coffee in the morning and treat your kids to some ice cream as there is virtually nothing that this hotel doesn’t offer. Kids usually like to spend time at the Water Park while teenagers have the Vibe club. If you are an adult there is no need to panic, the resort has a separate place for adults as well with swimming pools, futons, a bar, and the place even has its own casino. 

One of the main highlights of the resort is its 31,000 ft. infinity pool alongside six other regular-sized ones scattered throughout the resort so you don’t have to travel to find a pool to dive in. 

Final Thoughts

The Dominican Republic has everything one could want out of a travel destination. Whether it be hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, whale watching, kite surfing, exploring, or even relaxing, the country will surely imprint itself in your hearts forever. We hope this article helped you plan an incredible itinerary for your trip to the DR in 2022.

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