The Best Road Trip Experiences North of the Equator

The Best Road Trip Experiences North of the Equator

The Northern Hemisphere encompasses North America, northern parts of South America, Europe, and the northern two-thirds of Africa and most places in Asia. One of the best ways to discover this part of the equator is to go on a road trip. Going on a road trip is an excellent way to explore the world, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. It’s safer and offers the freedom and flexibility to visit as many places as you can, for as long as you want. Best of all, you won’t have to go through the hassles of layovers and delayed flights.

If you’re ready to embark on an exciting road trip along the northern hemisphere, here are some of the best routes to consider.

1. Arizona Grand Canyon Road Trip

Road tripping has long been a favourite pastime in the United States. It’s a great way to experience the country’s vast array of stunning coastal views, rugged cliffs, breathtaking valleys, and rugged cliffs. Perhaps, the tricky part is in deciding which route to take, given the wide array of scenic routes in the states. The Arizona Grand Canyon Road Trip is one of the most sought after USA travel routes and is an ideal route to take for your first road trip in the US. It has some of the most dramatic scenery and offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.

Depending on the amount of time you have, you can choose from different options when road-tripping Arizona. If you only have three days, take the Sedona Road Trip, which includes two full days of adventure, giving you plenty of time to explore the surrounding areas and relax at a resort set in a beautiful setting. Your journey will also include exploring the secluded rock canyons on a jeep. You will also visit the Montezuma Castle, a 1,000-year-old castle carved out of the cliffs.

2. Scottish Highlands Road Trip

The Scottish Highlands are among those few places on Earth that are perfect for road trips. With scenic roads winding their way through dramatic landscapes, passing through historic castles, gentle lochs, and stunning seas, a driving adventure of the Highlands is incredibly picturesque.

There are many road trips in Scotland to suit every itinerary, but the best one is The North Coast 500. Those who have taken this route have agreed that this is the best road trip you could ever take in the Scottish Highlands, which includes passing through windswept beaches, ancient castles, and ruins amidst a stunning landscape. With a total distance of 516 miles, this route will cover all the gorgeous places in Scotland’s North Coast, starting from Inverness to Wick, John o ‘Groats, Thurso, Durness, Lochinver, Ullapool, Gairloch, Applecross, and into Inverness.

If you are visiting the Highlands in late autumn or winter, don’t miss the chance to witness the stunning Northern Lights. You can catch this spectacular phenomenon at Applecross, Lochinver and Ullapool.

3. The Golden Circle Road Trip 

Imagine driving through stunning countryside and seeing spouting geysers, along with dramatic cliffs and majestic waterfalls. If that’s something that excites you, then you are in for an iconic driving adventure in Iceland’s Golden Circle! Conquering this iconic route is one of the best ways to discover the best that Iceland can offer. And in between visiting attractions, you will find many reasons to stop at some fascinating locations, from Icelandic horse farms, Lutheran churches, and incredible restaurants serving the most sumptuous Icelandic cuisines. 

Before you get started, consider renting an SUV whilst in Iceland to make the most of this Icelandic Road Trip. Start early to avoid the traffic. In summer, take advantage of the long daylight hours to avoid the crowds because of the larger coach tours that take tourists to the Golden Circle.

Iceland’s famous Golden Circle covers three of Iceland’s most visited attractions. It starts in the capital city of Reykjavik. From here, you will drive towards the southern uplands and back, stopping at Thingvellir National Park, Geysir Hot Spring Area, and Gullfoss Falls. As you drive along this route, you will find several other attractions that are worth a stop, such as geothermal greenhouses, natural hot water spas, and more.

4. Hai Van Pass Road Trip 

With lush rice fields in the south and misty mountain passes in the north, road tripping in Vietnam is not like anywhere else. Unfortunately, not many visitors realise that Vietnam’s diverse topography and long stretches of coastal roads mean incredible road trips. So, instead of flocking to the usual tourist sites, you might want to consider spending some time on the road.  

While there are plenty of scenic routes to conquer on your road trip to Vietnam, the Hai Van Pass Road is the best route to take. With a distance of about 20 km, this route starts in Da Nang and ends at Lang Co Beach. Also known as the National Route 1A, this stretch of mountainous highway borders the East Vietnam Sea. It offers some of Vietnam’s most breathtaking views on a clear day – jungle-clad mountains on one side and cliffs plunging to the East Sea on the other side. 

The journey from Da Nang to Hue could take up half of the day and allows for many stops along the Hai Van Pass and a short climb to the Buddhist Temple on Marble Mountain.

5. Maya Ruins Road Trip 

Have you imagined yourself driving through deserts filled with cactuses, visiting ancient ruins along the way, and stopping at colourful colonial cities? Then road tripping in Mexico is the perfect adventure for you.

Mexico is vast, giving you plenty of options for a road trip, but if you’re into history, the Maya Ruins Road Trip would be perfect. This route showcases the most incredible sights along the Yucatan Peninsula, from jungle ruins to old-world colonial cities and white sand beaches. As you drive west from Cancun, take time to explore Valladolid for a dip at the enticing cenote. You will find the impressive Maya ruins of Chichen Itza nearby, but make sure you get there early to avoid the crowds. Next, make your way southeast to enjoy a leisurely cruise along rolling hills dotted with Maya Ruins.

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