The Most Western-Friendly Countries to Travel in the Middle East

The Middle East is a fun and fascinating place to travel, but given recent news and media coverage, many western tourists are missing out on some of the world’s best travel destinations. It is important to distinguish international politics from personal encounters. Here are some of the most western-friendly countries to travel in the Middle East.


Considered to be a sanctuary in a region ripe with conflict, Jordan is home to some of the world’s most exciting historical monuments. These ruins include the iconic ancient city of Petra, carved directly into pink rock faces; making for incredibly memorable photos. There are also the splendid and massive roman ruins of Jerash. The desert of Wadi Rum provides visitors with a quintessential desert experience, complete with sand dunes and camels. If you are feeling a bit hot, you owe yourself a dip in the magically blue waters of the historic Dead Sea. The Kingdom of Jordan makes for a safe and pleasurable holiday in the Middle East.

Though this island has been at the center of a decades old conflict between Greece and Turkey, it has long been a safe and relaxing island get away. The merging of Greece and Turkish cultures has had an absolute positive effect on Cyprus’s food scene, given this nation some world class food, with spices and techniques from the Middle East combined with the freshest seafood and produce from the Mediterranean. Cyprus is also home to lovely beaches, ancient ruins, and some exceptional traditional wineries. That’s right, some of the best wines in all of Middle East are found on this island. The small coastal town charm and rich history can make you feel like you as if you are in a forgotten time while you vacation on this western friendly Middle Eastern country.

United Arab Emirates
Far from the slow and rustic charm of Cyprus, the United Arab Emirates capitol is a bustling and incredibly modern (even futuristic) city in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula. A long history as a hub for international business, Dubai is welcoming to westerners and can provide any amenity (and more) you would expect back home; provided you can afford it. Dubai is the most expensive city in the Middle East and one of the most expensive in the world, though a trip here can definitely be one of the most memorable of your life. While in Dubai you can visit the world’s tallest building, play a lush 18 holes of grassy golf in the middle of the desert, or even watch camel’s raced by robotic jockeys. So if you crave the latest and greatest, we recommend you visit Dubai in the UAE.

Middle Eastern Airlines such as Saudi Airlines are renowned for their service and amenities, making travel to these locations an enjoyable experience; which is rare these days. There are numerous flights of Saudi Airlines to different cities across the globe. So if you are looking to experience all the Middle East has to offer while staying safe, we recommend visiting some of the most western-friendly countries to travel in the Middle East.

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