The Top Hotels to Stay in When Trading in Las Vegas

The Top Hotels to Stay in When Trading in Las Vegas

If you are soon heading out on a trading trip to Las Vegas, there are many elements that you need to think about to ensure that you have an enjoyable and profitable getaway, and one of these is your accommodation. Then, here are some of the top hotels that you should think about staying in while you are trading in Las Vegas. 

1. Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino 

The Westgate Las Vegas Resort can offer you one-bedroom suites of up to 900 feet with a casino that offers slots, poker, and events throughout the year. 

If you are heading to Vegas on a trading trip, you can do no wrong by visiting Westgate Resorts – Las Vegas. Not only will you be able to while away the hours and your hard-earned money in the 95,000 square feet casino, but you will also be stationed in the middle of all the trading action. As well as being in a central location with a monorail stop on-site onto the Las Vegas do no wrong by visiting Westgate Resorts- Las Vegasstrip, you will also be able to stay within rooms with good internet connections and safes where you can store your technology, sensitive documents, and even money. This will ensure that you can work from within your hotel room in-between different activities and can allow you to access the markets whenever you need to. You will then be able to blend work and leisure seamlessly. 

2. OYO Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

The OYO Hotel and Resort offers 657 rooms and 19 floors and is situated only a block away from the Las Vegas strip. 

If you have decided to travel solely for business purposes, you should consider visiting the OYO in Las Vegas. This hotel offers modern and functional spaces that allow you to focus on the work and trading that is highest up your priority list. Not only this, but if you are planning to meet other traders, you might consider hiring out their conference room, which 300 people can fit in. Not only this, but if you are adamant that you want to continue your daily routine and stay fit while you are away from home, the OYO offers a 24/7 fitness room that you can enjoy whenever you start to feel the urge to be active and get on your feet. 

3. The Venetian

Located on Las Vegas Boulevard, the Venetian is a 5-star hotel with nearly 200,000 square feet of casino games. 

If you want a luxurious business and trading trip, you should consider opting for the Venetian. Its interior contains replicas of famous Venetian attractions, such as canals, and offers a range of meeting rooms, parlors, and club lounges for any event. Some of their suites even offer living spaces so that you can easily separate work from relaxation, and ensure that you do not feel cramped if you are going to be spending a lot of time in your suite trading. Then, you should consider whether the Venetian is the right option for your trading vacation

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