Things to do when Visiting Havana, Cuba

The time has come throughout the Northern Hemisphere for many people to plan their winter vacations to the Caribbean, as winter is indeed coming. There are many Caribbean gems to choose from, but Cuba stands out among them.

Boasting colonial charms, stunning beaches and small things like cars that have been lovingly maintained since their original purchase in the 50’s, there are few other places in this region that can match this country’s unique identity.

Now that you have booked your flights to Havana, Cuba, the fun task of figuring out exactly what to do when you put your flip-flops down on Cuban soil is upon you. What exactly constitutes a must-do in Havana?

The follow three attractions would be a shame to miss, so be sure to take these in on arrival or during the closing days on any trips you take here, as not seeing them would fail to do this country justice…

havana cuba, from pixbay

1) Take a stroll along the Malecon

Start your time in Havana by taking a stroll along the Malecon, a seawall in Old Havana where locals love to gather in the evening to spend time with their family and significant others. Views of the Havana skyline are at their best here, and those looking to sample some Cuban cuisine will be able to find street food at peso stalls along various parts of the Malecon. Just remember to only patronize vendors that are popular with the locals … lack of customers + flies = don’t buy!

2) Check out the Museum of the Revolution

The politics of the Revolution is a complex and touchy subject amidst the locals, and if your Spanish is less than perfect, getting relevant info about it may be next to impossible. Visiting the Museum of the Revolution is your best bet in this regard, as this institution covers the events of the 1950’s Revolutionary War and all the events that followed from that time. Yes, the propaganda is laid on thick here, but it will grant you a perspective rarely heard in the developed world on the subject of Cuba.

3) Tour some cigar factories and/or rum distilleries

Of all the exports that Cuba produces, none are as famous as its cigars and its rum. Factories that produce both can be toured in Havana, giving you the opportunity to experience how these quality products are assembled. Buying cigars from their factory store will cost you more than in the street, but you will be certain that you are getting the real thing, rather than fakes produced by opportunists looking to take advantage of unaware tourists.

 Have you ever been to Cuba? Do you know of any other cool things to do in Havana? Share below!

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