Tips for Newbie Travel Bloggers

One of the best things about being a travel blogger is the ability to share experiences, tell stories, and record some truly amazing moments. Writing a travel blog can almost be as enjoyable as travelling itself, especially if you have a large following, and manage to write posts that generate interesting discussions and comments from your audience. If you have been inspired by this blog and would like to start your own, take note of these tips for travel bloggers who are just starting out.


Be inspired

Every great writer reads, whether you are a travel writer, a business journalist or a poet, it is important to read other writers in your industry. So take the time to research other travel blogs, make notes on what you like and what you don’t about other’s writing styles, and the overall look of the website. Not only is it important to read other people’s blogs, you should also comment and share other posts to generate discussion. It’s helpful to network and introduce yourself (and your blog) to your fellow bloggers.

Explore the World

Nobody will want to read your posts if all your articles are about this one beach in France you go to for two weeks every July. People want to hear exciting stories, see photos from amazing places, and learn about the world’s uncovered treasures. Be adventurous, trek across a mountain in Nepal, swim in a waterfall in Brazil, camp in the jungles of Central America, walk with cheetahs in Africa and give your audience something unique to read.

Brush Up On SEO

Even if you are not planning on becoming a professional blogger, or online marketer, knowing the basics of SEO will help you gain the following your blog deserves. SEO is basically a way of making your site more visible in search engines. One way of ensuring your blog is easily found, is with an effective domain name. Buying your own domain name is cheap and easy, especially by using this tool called WHOIS Domain Lookup, that enables you to check to see if your domain name is available as well as the history of previously bought domains. Also, doing a bit of research on keywords, will help your blog obtain a high ranking in Google.

Share on Social Media

Once you have set up your blog, written a couple of articles, and perhaps even gained some new followers, the next step is to share your writing on social media. If you are not already plugged in to the world of social media, start by setting up a Twitter and Facebook account. Social media is a great way of networking with other travel blogger and for promoting your work.

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