Tips For Saving Money When Travelling

Tips For Saving Money When Travelling

Heading abroad is one of the best things you can do. It can help you to grow as a person, learn more about different cultures and create memories that will last a lifetime. Yet it can also get expensive, particularly if you are going away a lot. This is why it’s important to be as money savvy as possible.

The more you save, the more trips you can go on, making it a win-win situation! Whether you’re looking to discover the best of Australia and New Zealand, head on a foodie tour around Europe, or sun it up in Florida, there are ways to be smart with your cash. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to make your money go further when travelling, we’ve put together some top tips for you to follow

Book excursions ahead of time

When you’re away, you’re likely going to want to splurge on some excursions when you’re in an area. Some places have activities that need to be booked and paid for, but you can save money by doing this ahead of time. Try to book online and see if you can find cheap off-peak tickets or discount codes that can give you money off. If you wait until the day they tend to be more expensive. 

Have a set budget for each day 

Think of what you would like to spend when you’re away and set a specific budget for each day. This is to cover activities, food, drink and any souvenirs or other items you want to buy. You could also split your money into what it’s meant to be spent on rather than the day, so have a food budget and experience budget for example.

Think of what will work best for you and don’t be afraid to try a few different ways to see what helps you save the most, for example, you could pick up more money by taking a job teaching English abroad. It’s always good to keep an emergency fund too just in case you do go over and need transport or emergency care.

Take a no-fee card with you  

While it used to be the norm to take cash out with you, it’s easier than ever to pay by card when you’re abroad nowadays. Ensure you either have a card that you can spend without a fee when you’re out there, or that you have enough cash.

Withdrawing cash from an ATM when abroad can be very expensive and waste money by doing so. Also make sure that when you spend, you select to spend in the local currency rather than your own one. This saves you from paying an extortionate exchange rate.

These are just a few top tips for saving money when travelling. Whether you’re looking to save money while heading on holiday or if you’re going travelling for a long period of time and therefore need to make your money last, these tips should help. Have you recently been abroad and found some savvy ways to save? If so let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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