The Top 10 Hottest Destinations on Earth

Hottest Places Infographic

Hi, guys. I think you’re going to like this one. I have something a little different for you. Unless you happen to spend your days perched on the edge of an active volcano, I can guarantee that this world of exciting travel destinations has somewhere hotter for you to experience. Likewise, unless you’re reading this on a satellite phone whilst shuffling around among the penguins and snow drifts of Antarctica, there’s somewhere colder for you to go, too.

Having travelled to all seven continents, I can tell you that I’d prefer to be hot and seeking shade than cold and seeking an open fire (much easier to find someone selling cold drinks than it is to come across a convenient bonfire, I always say!). But, obviously, too hot is too hot. Which led me to ask, “where is the hottest travel destination?”.

I discovered this infographic dealing some of the hottest temperatures on offer, complete with some extra info about how ‘tourism friendly’ you can expect these places to be.

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