Top 5 ways to maximize your time travelling

We talked about the advantages of relocating and living overseas in this post.  If you really don’t have the extra time or the extra money to live overseas then there are things you can do to maximize your time.  These tips also work out great

1. Travel overnight:

This means overnight flights, trains, and buses.  You can even do this if you are living overseas and you want to maximize your time.  Many trains across Europe and buses across South America offer full beds where you can sleep.  Amenities such as TV and music are readily available as well.

2. Pre-plan your trip:

Don’t plan your trip to the minute or even to the second.   Have an overall idea of where you want to go and how much it will take.   If you are able to make an outline this will save a lot of time.  Look for your travel and lodging accommodations in advance to save time making reservations and looking for places to stay.

3. Reach out to other travelers:

If you want to be in a certain profession what is the first thing you do?  Google more information!  By finding people that make a living out of travelling you can find expert information in a fraction of the time.   There are a ton of resources on the internet for country and even city specific sites.  Many of these travelers have even made a business out of their life experiences.

4. Reach out to people living in host country (my favorite):

Similar to reaching out to other travelers, there are tons of people out there that are interested in meeting people from other countries.  With this option you can stay out of tourist traps and find local eateries and places of interest.  Use tools like myspace, twitter, facebook, and couchsurfing.

5. Use your resources:

Just like reaching out to people in foreign countries and expert travelers, there are sites on the internet specifically designed for all types of travelers.  There are forums that give reviews for travel agencies and restaurants.  TripAdvisor and Lonelyplanet are excellent free tools at your disposal.

Be safe on your travels and don’t forget to take plenty of pictures, those memories will last forever!

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  1. I hate travelling at night but you’re right – it’s a great way to maximise your time and your resources (it saves you one night’s accommodation).

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