Top Things To Do In Rome

The list of top things to do in Rome may not be aligned with every person’s vacation interests. However, its hard to deny the significance and thrill of having to check out every attraction that this city-state harbors. Rome, after all, is the seat of the Catholic faith. Moreover, it is also one of the most beautiful places in the world, not to mention, the birthplace of the Roman Empire. It is a symbol of power, culture and religion and has remained very influential in the 2500 years of its existence. With this, it does not come as a surprise that it is herald as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And with millions of people flocking to it each year, it only makes sense that you also seek it out and experience what everyone else is up to when they get here.

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Of course, it’s expected for strolling to be one of the top things to do in Rome, given all of the stunning architecture it hosts. There’s the St. Peter’s Basilica, the Coliseum, Parthenon, Fontana di Trevi and the Roman Forum. These may have been erected at different times but they all reflect a rich heritage that can only be described as from Rome. There are plenty of others that are worth seeing in the city like the Spanish Steps and Capitoline Hill. Villa Borghese gardens is found on Pincian Hill at the edge of Rome and was built by architect Flaminio Ponzio to match the English gardens of the time. It is at present, the second largest public park in the state, containing a multitude of museums and 16th and early 19th century buildings.

To complement the suggestion on the top things to do in Rome, it would also be in anyone’s best interest to explore the Seven Hills of Rome. This will be quite challenging with the transformation the town has undergone over the years. But local tour guides should be able to help you out with this endeavor. The first of them is the Palatine Hill, which is accessible near the Coliseum. Then, there’s the Aventine Hill on the other side of Circus Maximus. Legend has it that the brothers Romolus and Remus fell in both of these places respectively. Following them are the Esquiline, Viminal and Quirinal Hills in the east and northeast region of Rome, close to the Roman Forum and Caelian, to the southeast of the Capitoline. Finally, there’s the Aventine Hill, close to the Termini railway station. All of them provide excellent views of Rome and all of them are quite exciting to explore.

If you have kids, you should definitely add the Children’s Museum, Bioparco and the Planetarium to your itinerary. A good option if you’re heading Rome with the kiddos is to rent an apartment rather than a hotel. You’ll get more room and it’s often cheaper. Click here for more information about that option. And if you’re with someone special, you should catch a play in one of the theaters in the area. The Italians are quite talented in this aspect so you shouldn’t miss out on the plays organized within Viale Pietro de Coubertin or Parco della Musica.

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