Top Things To Do In The UK

When we think about the UK, there are a lot of things which come to the mind. Right from the famous Buckingham Palace to the winding streets of London leading to the Big Ben, to the London Eye, there are numerous things to explore and enjoy. However, one must not just spend their time roaming around these famous sights. After all, there is so much to life in the UK, than only historical monuments. The true UK is incomplete without a visit to the famous casinos to experience the real flavour of UK’s nightlife.

China Town: Right from the onset of the 20th Century, a lot of Chinese immigrants setup businesses to cater to the influx of Chinese sailors. However, post the WWII, and a never-ending demand for Chinese food, China Town has become of the revered spots for authentic Chinese food, and every bit should be savoured at the most.

Hadrians Wall: Standing tall since AD 122, Hadrian’s wall was constructed by Emperor Hadrian. While the wall served as a military fortification, it also proved to be essential as a customs post and taxation levying area. The wall still stands, as solid as ever, giving an inkling into the strength of the previous times construction.

Durham Castle: Turned into a University College, the Durham Castle is a wondrous sight for sore eyes. The general public can visit this University; however, only guided tours can visit the Castle, since there are a lot of students who have made the Castle their home. The castle is situated on a hill, in the River Wear and is located opposite the Durham Cathedral. Built in the 11th Century, the Castle showcases King Norman’s real power and prestige from the days of his rule.

York Minster: Considered to be one of the oldest and the best cathedrals in the UK, the York Minister is also one of the largest of its kind in Northern Europe. Visitors can wholeheartedly enjoy the views of the Gothic Nave and the Chapter House in one visit. The medieval stained glass windows along with the Five Sisters Window are some of the most important places of visit within the Cathedral.

Casinos: Brits love to gamble and casino sites are very popular in the UK but they also have some famous land based casino, and while casino’s are not the same as attractions like Hadrians Wall, you should check one out. Some of the best casinos are 50 St James, Aspinalls, Crockfords Club, Les Ambassadeurs, Ritz Club etc. are some of the high rolling casinos in the UK. After all, if you have spent all your vacation time visiting the famous monuments, you might miss a chance to experience luxury in its pure form if you don’t visit these casinos for a quick gamble or two.

Shakespeare’s Hometown: No trip to the UK is complete without getting Shakespeare. Proved to be every writer’s dream place, Shakespeare’s Hometown is a must visit the site during a visit to the UK. The area is well preserved, and showcases some of the best remains of the English poet’s earlier life, primarily because he is regarded as the world’s best and the most excellent English writer.

Do visit some of these interesting places in UK and create memories which will last you a lifetime.

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