Transforming Wanderlust into Productivity

After a few weeks, or maybe even months of travelling, there’s nothing like that feeling of coming home, filling the kettle, and putting your feet up for the night. Although travelling is one of the best gifts in life, it certainly helps us appreciate home and all that it entails.

Once we have absorbed all of the luxuries of home, and our minds become idle again, wanderlust slowly begins to creep up on us. This bout of wanderlust does not however have to be a negative thing. Transforming this into a productive period can make it very enjoyable. Here’s a number of ways to do so:

Improve Your Website

We all know that when you’re travelling it can sometimes be hard to keep on top of your to-do list. Even with the plethora of services widely available to some of the furthest corners of the world, work like the upkeep of your website can at times be overwhelming – updates, backups, database queries, and general maintenance tasks. A good user experience on your website should always be at the top of a travel bloggers list. Why not also spend some time updating things like the security of your site, the appearance of your pages or perhaps, for more efficiency, personalizing your email address.

Improve Your Social Media Presence

Take some time to reassess your social media presence – maybe there’s somewhere you can improve? Re-identifying your audience is always a good idea as it can change over time. Study some of the past posts that gained the most traction and think about why this might have been. Perhaps do some research into new tools that help stay on top of social media. Social media is still quite a new phenomenon and is constantly evolving, so keeping yourself and your networks up to date is a good idea.

Take a Photography Course

There is no denying the importance of photography for travel bloggers. Not only is it is satisfying to see a picture of a place but it’s also an easy way to make a bit of cash on the side, as previously mentioned here. With most modern website designs, there is no room for bad quality images, because almost everything requires high resolution images. With great content, it would be a shame to let things slip visually.

File Away Photos

Most of us probably have too many photos to even remember. This relaxing time at home is ideal to file away all these images and organize your laptop, hard drive, or your cloud. This can be an extremely satisfying task! Although most devices usually store images in order of date and place, it can also be useful to file them away according to whether they’ve been used or not, or themes that may be relevant to your travel blog. This way, it’s quick and easy to grab the appropriate images when needed. It’s sure to minimize stress for the rest of your travels!

Make a List of Destinations

One of the most exciting parts about travelling is the planning. So perhaps with this free time you could be sketching out what’s next on your agenda – let your imagination run wild and continue ticking off your favorite places.

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