Travel and work in perfect balance: Wanderos makes it possible

There are many pioneers out in the world today that have proven that work and travel can indeed be mixed. It is a task that doesn’t come easy though; as such, the logistics of the digital nomad lifestyle is often intimidating to those that have a job that is mobile-ready, but lack the confidence to pull it off for themselves. There has also been a new movement of extended company retreats that some are utilizing together, spending a month or two in an exciting destination as a team. Regardless of how the “escape” is being done, people just want to get away!

A company by the name of Wanderos has endeavored to deal with the yeoman’s work that holds many back from trying out this way of life. Below, we’ll lift the hood and see how this innovative web service works…


What is Wanderos, and what do they have to offer the digital nomad community?

Wanderos is a service for busy digital nomads and remote workers that want to use their location freedom to explore the world. While they desire to run their businesses from their laptop while overlooking the beach in Thailand, the thought of having to deal with the nuts and bolts of travel prevents them from making their dreams a reality.

This is where Wanderos comes in, as they take on the responsibility of travel planning for digital nomads that are too busy with the day to day operations of their companies to think about where to go, where to stay, and how to get there.

With their experienced team of travel experts, they have managed to put together packages that cost $2,100 a month – a number that is less than what many successful professionals spend at home during that time frame.

South America, Europe or Southeast Asia: pick a region to explore

At present, there are three regions around the world where Wanderos is offering six month tours, with each month spent in a city which has both tourist and internet business assets to live the digital nomad way of life.

South America, Europe and Southeast Asia are the focus areas at the moment, with cities like Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Chiang Mai being a few of the places of which nomads will get a genuine taste.

In each of these spots, participants will stay in luxurious, comfortable accommodations, and have access to co-working spaces with top of the line technology, around the clock.

Proceed to a Skype interview

With an offer like this, it’s easy to see how it could get very popular, very quickly. To control numbers in a bid to promote community among participants, all applicants wanting to apply to the program will have to schedule a Skype interview with company representatives. If they are approved, they’ll only have one thing left to do…

Submit your deposit, and start getting excited

While each trip will cost participants $2,100 per month, an initial $3,000 down payment is required to secure their commitment. Once this sum is direct deposited, all that remains for them is to circle the day on their calendar when the greatest adventure of their lives will begin.

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