Travel Essentials: Compression Socks

Long plane flights can be tough on the body, especially swollen, smelly travel feet. No matter how great the in flight entertainment, after a couple hours strapped in my ankles start to expand like quantitative easing.

There are compression socks, which we all know we should wear, but often don’t because they look a bit too medical.  Thankfully, we’ve found Afton Socks. They have great designs that are a comfortable to wear, with all of the functionality and health benefits you need for long-distance travel.

The Airplane Herringbone design is just an added touch!  It features a distinctive pattern of subtle airplanes, without screaming for attention.  The toes have a couple bright spots, which give it just the right amount of pop.


About the Company

Afton is a California-based company with roots in three continents, involved in the business of compression for over 30 years. The founders are frequent travelers and know the feels of wanting to wear awesome socks on flights, and avoiding swollen feet.

The feet are lined with a metallic silver fiber, which help keep the odor away (for the sake of your single-serve neighbors).  Having worked in their father’s medical practice, they have heard every positive and negative aspect about compression socks, and decided to create their own.


Why Compression During Travel

Research shows that graduated compression helps prevent minor vein disorders, like blood clotting in your legs during flights. Also, in one study of passengers who wore graduated compression 5 hour seated trip:

  • 60% reported less pain,
  • 50% reported less discomfort,
  • 45% reported lower levels of swelling,
  • and 12-18% reported improved energy, alertness, and concentration.

What’s cool about Afton

The great thing about the Afton is their socks are based on three key principles:

  1. The products had to provide genuine research-backed health benefits and function.
  2. The products had to be high quality in manufacture and materials, with tasteful and fun designs.
  3. The products had to be made in an ethical and clean way.

Afton’s products are made in Italy, designed in Scandinavia, and optimized from decades of experience both medically and in travel.

We spoke with David at Afton Socks, and got you all a 15% discount plus free shipping over $39, using the code WANDERINGTRADER.  So get out there on your next journey in health and look good in the process!

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