Traveling & Golfing From Florida to Europe

So, you have decided you want to take a trip, but you do not want this to be just any trip, you want a trip to remember for a life time.  Just think of your options.  Whether you’re in Florida or Hawaii, you can soak up the sun and the culture.  In heading down to check out the water, you might just have to swim along the beaches and surf with the pros in Orlando. But, if you may think of your perfect day should include a luau where you cansnatch up a lei while enjoying a beautiful sunset with a traditional Hula dance, then Kahuku may be the place for you.

Maybe for your destinnation, you will choose a faraway land and head over -seas to experience the vast wealth of history there is to offer.   You can visit a place such as Ireland to get a fill of tradition, yet safely know there are modern convinces on the return to your hotel room.  While you are there, a place like Bally bunion may suite your fancyto catch a glimpse of dolphins swimming, as you peer off the cliff, after you have taken in the geographical phenomenon blow holeknown as The 9 Daughters Hole.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re on the beaches of Hawaii, the beaches of Florida, or the cliffs of Ireland they all have one, therapeutic, common bond.. Golf!  If you find yourself in Florida, then you will definitely want to check out Orlando Florida golf courses so you can take a peek into the wide variety of courses and resorts available to meet your level of expertise AND get your fix in. Also, remember, if you’re looking for a resort around the world or simply want to check the current scores and tours, be sure you’re using European tour dates to stay current on your favorite player, get a quick lesson in accuracy and set up a tee time wherever you may be traveling.

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