Travelling with Kids Just Got Easier!

Travelling with young kids can be exhausting – the interruption of sleeping and eating routines can turn even the most agreeable mini-adventurer into a cranky travel companion.  And with lots of time spent waiting in airport lineups and boarding gates, it can be difficult to find ways to keep young travellers occupied.  Thankfully, there are lots of new products out there developing with the young traveller in mind.  Check out these life-savers!


“3D Talking” Luggage

Little ones will be entertained by Orion Travel Tech’s “3D Talking” luggage – the first patent pending luggage that walks and talks that will be sold all over the world! You also receive four skins to interchange the look of your Talking Luggage.  A value of $120.00

Orion’s licensed carry-on 4-wheel trolley 20 inch hard shell high-gloss suitcase is retrofitted with a four pre-recorded voice lines (cats-dogs-babies) by famous creative photographer Seth Casteel. They are one-of-kind high gloss photographs depicting cats flying in the air and dogs pouncing on balls in swimming pools as well as baby’s in scuba gear swimming in pools.  

You simply push a button up to four times and each time get a different recorded 10 second message while sitting in an airport terminal or standing in the TSA Lines.  

Orion TT will unveil in 2017 a slew of licensed high gloss content from tigers and lions to famous artists, to famous movie characters.    36-01


As tablet technology becomes more accessible, a tablet is a great way to keep your kids entertained on long flights.  Whether you are using a conventional tablet with a shock-proof case or a kid-friendly version with more durable features and handles, be sure to load up the device with favorite games, coloring apps, and movies to provide hours of entertainment.  Don´t forget the headphones so that their gaming doesn’t disturb other travellers.  If you are travelling with more than one child and only one device, consider getting a splitter to allow two pairs of headphones to be connected at the same time.There are lots of great volume-limiting headphones out there designed especially for little heads.


GPS Trackers

While these devices are no substitute for careful parental supervision, any parent of a toddler knows that they can dash off in chase of anything that catches their interest while you are pulling passports out of your bag.  There are lots of different GPS trackers to consider, most of which are small enough to slip into your child’s pocket for peace of mind during the most hectic part of your trip.  Some of them, suitable for older children, include emergency buttons so that your child can alert you if they become lost.


Seat Harness

One of the major concerns of parents is that younger children are properly restrained in airplanes or cars, but carrying even a portable car seat with you while travelling can be a major inconvenience.  Thankfully, there are a number of options on the market now to convert standard seatbelts into a 4-point harness for children, approved for use in airplanes.  

With a bit of advance planning, travelling with kids can be hassle-free, safe and fun!


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