Turn Your Blog Into A Ticket Around The World

For many people, writing a blog is a way of sharing opinions about their passion, but what if that passion could be your job and one that is accomplished from anywhere in the world? Travelling the globe is a truly wonderful way of expanding your horizons, meeting new people, seeing amazing sights and experiencing different things. But for many it can be impractical, especially if you only have two weeks holiday per year!

Freelancers get to decide where they work, and make their own hours, which is why becoming a freelancer is the best way to live the dream and travel the world. Every freelancer should have a blog to expand your networks and keep your clients informed about all of your projects. Here are a couple of tips on how to make your blog benefit your career as a freelancer.

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Good Quality Content

These might be the three most important words for any serious blogger. If you want to attract readers, earn a good reputation, and become a professional blogger, it is therefore important to write about interesting topics that people will want to share, and will encourage natural linking from other websites. Find your niche, own it, and write about something you think others will want to read.

Gain Exposure

A great blog is nothing without an audience. Once you have built an audience around your blog you can make money by directing your reader’s attention to your services, whether that’s consulting, reviewing, or selling a product. One of the most important things about becoming a successful freelancer is earning a good reputation, and a gaining large network. You want people to know who you are, and to be able to find you easily online. To improve your online visibility, it is important to know a bit about SEO and exactly how it works. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert, but you should know if your website ranks well in search engines, and with tools like the website checker available to use here, you can find out if you need to improve the optimization of your website. Be sure to learn more about website optimization on this page.

Guest Posts

If you’re struggling to build an audience for your blog, then try writing guest posts for other sites. Writing a guest post is simply publishing an article on someone else’s blog, but it’s a way of getting your name out there, networking with other website owners, and gaining new readers.

Building a successful career as a freelancer doesn’t come over night, but with the right confidence, dedication and hard work you can live your dream of becoming your own boss and gaining the free choice to travel wherever you like, whenever you like. If you’re stuck for something to write about, you could consider writing a travel blog. There are few better way of combining work and travel than becoming a travel writer.

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