Most Underrated Vacation Destinations

When you think about vacation, some of the most common hot spots pop up when asking friends or family. However, you may be able to get more bang for your buck by visiting these off the radar locations and still enjoy all of the comforts that come with taking some time away from work.


Ring of Kerry Island, Ireland

One of the greatest things about visiting Ireland is that spending money in euros is an easier transition than spending money in pounds and the Irish are some of the most friendly individuals you’ll meet all over the world. As another added bonus, the spoken language is English so there’s no language barriers.


The Czech Republic is often underrated even though it is extremely beautiful and has many different historical amenities, food, architecture, beer and fabulous Christmas markets. It’s often one of the most interesting places to visit in Europe but it rarely appears on popular lists. Prague has incredible history and is great for doing a lot of walking, so you can still fit that exercise in while absorbing the excellent Prague culture. It’s also relatively easy to get to Prague from other European airports, making it a great trip off the beaten path!

“I work with many Eastern Europeans in the South Florida area who are looking to make the move to the U.S. and I always hear about how they miss traveling around Europe, and Prague always happens to be on the list of places to visit.” – Elionora Dudayeva, Chance Realty LLC.

Norwegian Fjords

If you’re looking for something that is the best that mother nature has to offer, you can’t go wrong with the Norwegian fjords. Not visiting this at least once during your lifetime would be a major mistake so make sure to figure it in.

One great way to see this is by boat on a cruise ship. You get all the benefits of having someone else plan the transport and travel for you, but you get up close and personal with some of the best that nature has to offer.

South Africa

Whether you initiate your vacation in Johannesburg or Cape Town, you’re very likely to fall in love with everything South Africa has to offer. If you’re looking out for the safaris that are world renowned, you can also enjoy fabulous food and wine all over Cape Town in nearby areas.

Everyone at home will be completely jealous of your vacation pictures to this area and you can truly get a taste of a little bit of everything while you’re here! Since the spot is not too crowded with other tourists, you’ll be able to pack a lot into a little bit of time in South Africa.


Luxembourg is a beautiful and small country sandwiched between Germany, France and Belgium. The city is very beautiful and lush with plenty of shops in the city center and you get a nice variety of family owned stores and high-end stores. The public transportation offered by Luxembourg is some of the best in Europe, meaning that you can fly in and explore easily.

Have you taken a vacation yet this year or are you looking to plan one for 2017? You can’t go wrong thinking about one of these out of the box locations for an incredible vacation opportunity.


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