Utah’s Sweet Spot: Sweet’s Candy Factory

What place can you visit that offers something for everyone? We’re looking for a destination bursting with outdoor adventure opportunities, fun and educational attractions, as well as some unique locations. That place is absolutely Utah.

Outdoor Adventure

Boasting 5 national parks, Utah is 3rd when it comes to states with the most national parks. The diverse geography includes mountains, forests, and sandy desert. The majority of the state exists on a plateau more than 4,000 feet above sea level. Its highest mountain is over 13,000 feet. There is no end to the hiking, fishing, mountain biking, and camping available. Because of prime snow conditions, skiing and ski resorts also attract visitors to Utah. You can river raft, take a color tour, or observe wildlife it its natural habitat.

Fun in the City

If outdoor adventure is not your thing, there are many other fun places to visit in Utah. Zoos, aquariums, a natural history museum, outlet mall shopping, and amusement parks are readily available. Festivals, events, and exciting nightlife can be found in metropolitan areas.

The largest populated city in Utah is it’s capital: Salt Lake City. A large, booming metropolis with the Wasatch Mountains as a backdrop, the city is as beautiful as it is exciting. It offers all of the things a big city should like museums, gardens, parks, and theaters. You can even tour the city via helicopter or hot air balloon.

The Sweet Spot

There are so many fun places to visit in Utah, it’s hard to pick just one. But one sweet spot in Salt Lake City’s history that everyone should know about is Sweet’s Candy Factory. It first opened in Portland, Oregon in 1892 and moved to Salt Lake City in 1900. Sweet’s Candy Company is family owned and operated and includes a factory, a factory outlet, and a one-of-a-kind candy shop. While they have over 250 kinds of chocolates and candies, they are best known for their salt water taffy, orange sticks, and cinnamon bears. While the candy is very affordable, you can get deeper discounts by buying “seconds” at their factory outlet.

One unique offering is Sweet’s free factory tours. Tours last about 40 minutes and are by appointment only. First you get a virtual tour of the factory while viewing live feeds of the factory floor. Then while walking through the factory floor, you are rewarded with delicious samples of their unique candies. Sweet’s is very accommodating; it is handicap accessible, strollers are provided for infants during tours, and staff is friendly and courteous. They are even kosher and gluten free certified.

Even Oprah agrees that Sweet’s is the place to go. Oprah.com put together a list of the best thing to eat in every state. Guess who made Utah’s list because of their delicious salt water taffy that comes in 4 dozen different flavors? That’s right, Sweet’s. Don’t miss out on Sweet’s, and don’t miss out on Utah.


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