Vacation Ideas that Suit Your Family

Family Vacations

Fishing: Adam Sherez

The idea of going on a family vacation can seem like a fun idea.

Traveling as a family also gives a special opportunity to create memories that last a lifetime.

Stuffedsuitcase.com believe that family trips allow each member to connect. In their article, they refer to a study done by Purdue University Xinran Lehto which confirmed that family trips can improve communication and bonding because,

“Vacations promote what is called the ‘crescive bond’ (in sociological parlance, ‘a “shared experience”) by fostering growing and enduring connections.”

On the other hand, the reality of traveling as a family can present many challenges. One of those being, how to choose activities that satisfy each member of the family.

Every individual in a family has a different character trait, however, when it comes to family holidays, it’s best to decide beforehand what kind of holiday it’s going to be.

Will it be a quaint holiday where the family soaks in the romantic castles and lush green landscape in Scotland or will you choose a more hip holiday and visit the iconic spots in The Big Apple?

Whatever type of holiday you decide, make sure you decide as a family what the nature of the vacation is going to be, before you get on the tarmac.

We asked our community of travelers about the most popular types of family trips and based on that, we’ve provided some ideas of what you can do in each region.

Family Vacations

Mother and daughter: Simon Rae

The Family with Young’uns

Traveling with young children can be exhausting but let’s not forget it can have its perks. For instance, most airlines give children 2 years old and younger a free ride, Yay!!

It is possible to find spots where both adults and children can enjoy. For instance, the Olympic National Park, Washington offers kids a fun playhouse with puppets to keep them amused. Adults can enjoy stroller-friendly hiking trails and soaking their feet in Sol Duc Hot Springs’ wading pool.

How about a farm vacation at The Inn at East Hill Farm, New Hampshire?

A family trip to a farm is a win-win situation for all.

The older generation can enjoy an escape from life’s hustle and bustle, while children can learn about farm life and the importance of caring for animals.

And let’s not forget – all ages will enjoy delectable home-cooked meals!

The Culture Vultures

This type of family has a strong affinity for arts and culture. They like to visit cities that are known for their museums, theater, dance, galleries, cuisine and music.

Such a family is likely to appreciate a place rich with unique architecture and memorable design.

Artsy travelers are also drawn to locations that have strong artistic and literary history.

Europe is known for its diverse culture and continues to attract the artistically inclined.

Take your family to The City of Lights and watch them gawk at stunning and historical buildings like The Arc de Triomphe and The Louvre Museum.

Get a contrast of old and new architecture by walking along The Acropolis of Athens.

Whether your family is into classic or contemporary art, the amazing artworks in Florence are bound to impress.

Opera lovers will enjoy a show in iconic opera houses like the Theater an der Wien in Vienna.

Europe isn’t the only center point for culture.

Experimental foodies will eat to their heart’s content in the global melting point that is New York City.

The Emerald Buddha – a meditating Buddha carved from a large block of jade – are just one of the unusual sights to admire in Bangkok, Thailand.

Family Vacations

Family by sunset: Isaac Smith

The Thrill Seekers

This family isn’t interested in the run-of-the-mill beach holiday. They crave activities that push their adrenalin to new heights.

For an adventure-filled trip, mountain biking around Mt Toubkal, Morocco is a good option.

The whole family is bound to enjoy winter activities like snowboarding or skiing in a place like Slovakia.

To get your teen’s heart pumping, why not take the family to experience an African Safari in Zanzibar. The elephant rides, bungee jumping and swimming will go down a treat.

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii is not just for beach bums. Keep active by taking your family scuba diving along coral reefs, surfing, horseback riding and more.

With these range of ideas, you are bound to find a vacation that aligns with your family’s preferences.

Remember: Your Family Has Flight Rights

When you and your family are ready to embark on your long-awaited vacation or are heading back home after a great break, you usually trust that the flight you booked will actually take flight.

Unfortunately, travel plans don’t always run smoothly and you could arrive at the airport and find out that your plane will not be lifting off.

If your flight is canceled, the good news is that your family could be eligible for flight cancellation compensation of up to €600 (per passenger).

This is why it’s important to be aware of your air passenger rights, so you don’t miss out on cash compensation you’re entitled to.

All these tips will make you not only an informed flyer, but a happier one.

Enjoy your travels!

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