Vacation Tips for Hawaii’s Big Island

Traveling to the 50th state? Hawaii is one of America’s all-time top travel destinations. This pacific archipelago is home to 6 main islands, of these the largest is Hawaii, or more commonly “The Big Island.” Here are some vacation tips for Hawaii’s Big Island.

cocktail-1042330_1280Watch the Four Elements Collide
Wind, Earth, Water, Fire; it is rare you get to witness all of these essential elements interacting with each other in nature. The Big Island is home to four active volcanoes, one of which has been erupting since 1983. This makes the Big Island one of the best places in the world to witness active lava flows. There are many tours that will take you for a day of watching lava flows and if you are lucky enough you will get to see the hot lava meeting the much cooler waters of the Pacific Ocean, in this case you are truly watching the island grow. For many this is a once in a lifetime experience so if possible seeing a lava flow is one of our top vacation tips for Hawaii’s Big Island.

Enjoy Hawaii’s Historic Fusion Food
It is sad but true fact that when you say “Hawaiian” food most mainlanders think pineapple pizza and that is about it. Hawaiian Pizza is actually a Canadian invention (but we will save that for another article.) Actual Hawaiian food is a combination of native Hawaiian dishes, Japanese, and American influences. There is also an abundance of fresh, delicious seafood, which makes the Big Island a paradise for foodies. Some Hawaiian dishes you need to be sure are try are Poi (a mixture of taro root, formed into a savory paste,) Lau Lau (delicious pork and fish wrapped in leaves,) Poke (sort of a Hawaiian version of raw fish ceviche,) and a staple found at most restaurants on the big island is a sweet and savory potato macaroni salad. Dining at locations not connected to resorts will give you chance to try more local food, this is why some travelers prefer big island vacation rentals to massive resorts.

Embrace the Retro Tiki Vibe
In the 1950’s America had an obsession with Hawaii. This was furthered by Hollywood and singer such as Elvis Presley. Today a “tiki-themed” party is as much a part of mainland culture as a 4th of July BBQ. So if you are on Hawaii’s Big Island; why not check out the birthplace of Americana-tiki? If you have ever been to a tiki themed bar, anywhere in the world, you have one man to thank for it; Don the Beach Comber. Don was responsibility for a chain of restaurants capitalizing on the tiki fad. While the fad along with many of his restaurants, fell out of favor in the 70’s and 80’s. Today tiki bars and their signature cocktails are making a comeback, and one of the most authentic places to experience this is at the Big Island’s Don the Beachcomber restaurant. Enjoy a Mai Tai, listen to waves, and bask in this beautiful and decidedly retro experience.

While all visitors to the Big Island will know to check out the incredible beaches, we hope our vacation tips for Hawaii’s Big Island will encourage you to try something new. Have an incredible vacation!

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