Weekend Getaway Ideas During Winter!

Let’s face it: winter can get old in the city. In the hinterland though, this season can be a beautiful time of year to go on a weekend getaway, in spite of the fact that many vacation rentals remain empty.

Below, we will share some ideas that will get you out of your house and into the countryside during one of the year’s most underrated seasons.

Stay in a luxury cabin during a ski weekend in Vermont

If you are the type that seeks out activity even during the depths of a frigid northeastern winter, then planning a ski weekend in the mountains of Vermont just makes sense. Instead of coming back to a depressing motel room after a day of whooping it up on some of the ski runs in the East though, you should consider renting out a luxury cabin.

This way, the good times don’t have to stop after you leave the ski hill for the day, as these properties contains plenty of space for your crew, BBQ grills, full service kitchens, cable TVs, ping pong tables, and Wi-Fi throughout the interior. Treat it with respect, and you might have a place you can come back to year after year.

Storm watch in Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

Want to witness the worst that Mother Nature can throw at you during the winter season, without having to suffer the consequences? The Canadian surf town of Tofino, British Columbia has made a cottage industry out of this concept in recent years, thereby boosting occupancy during the slow months of the off-season.

Rent a well-insulated cabin with a view of its most famous beaches, and stand watch behind sealed windows as one storm after another punishes its coast with heavy surf. If you are hardy enough, don a waterproof winter jacket and get a feel for the wind-driven ice cold rain as it lashes itself against your brow.

Upon returning to your home away from home, warm up in a piping hot shower and then enjoy a glass of wine as you contemplate the power of nature with a solid roof over your head.

Enjoy the splendor of the American Rockies in a log cabin west of Denver

The power of America’s most scenic mountain range is undeniable, especially when witnessed up close. Give yourself and a loved one this gift, as the sight of the American Rockies coated in copious amounts of snow is one that will blow you both away.

The perfect way to spend a weekend like this is in a log cabin, which will provide you with an ambiance that will bring you back to the days of the pioneers.

From here, you can go snowshoeing, skating on frozen lakes, or you can just stand on your front porch and take in the epic vistas with a cup of cocoa in hand … that is, when you aren’t busy catching up on your reading, or spending quality time with your significant other.

If the winter weekend getaways in this post didn’t inspire you to pack your bags and head for the countryside, check out Glamping Hub for tons of additional possibilities that might fit your needs and desires better.

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