What a hotel needs to have to be considered Luxury

Luxury has become one of the common terms today. Whether it is a hotel or whether it is something else in life, people tend to add the word luxury to everything. In short, luxury is something very common that people are looking for this day in age, whether they want to pay up for it or not.

In the hospitality industry, some of hotels are termed as luxury hotels whereas others are not. This is a designation which is provided by some organizations such as Forbes to those hotels which comply with the conditions and terms that they lay down under the category dubbed “luxury hotels”. Generally, there are some four star and five star rated hotels found in the category. These hotels call themselves as the luxury hotels.

There are certain basic aspects to be considered in order to call a hotel as a luxurious one.
The most important thing that the hotel should consist of is easy booking. A person who wants to book a room should be able to reach the hotel easily. Secondly, the process of booking, check in and checkout and other requisites should be easy and flexible. In brief it should consist of good hospitality that you’d expect when paying a premium price for a room.

Another crucial factor which should be considered while calling a hotel as a luxury one is the quality of the rooms and the bathrooms. The rooms should be neat and clean, free of odours, offer a god bed, and the mattress and pillow should be of premium quality as well. Right from the furniture to that of the gadgets in the rooms and the bathrooms should be intact and kept properly in their respective places. In brief, the comfort in the room should be at par with the hotel standards and charges once again.

The other key features include outstanding hotel dining that should be open 24×7 for the guest. The guest activities and amenities should also offer a fitness centre, pool, round-the-clock concierge , Wi-fi, sufficient couches in the lobby, laundry, packing and unpacking services, babysitting and dog walking services and so on.

Some of the other things that make a hotel a luxury one should be the comps. They should provide every guest with a bottle of water, access to the fitness centre, complimentary breakfast, wi-fi in the room and so on.

Before you decide whether the hotel is luxurious or not. Do check out these aspects and learn in detail what actually luxury signifies and then decide whether a hotel is a luxury one or not for yourself.
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