What to do in Prague in Winter Time

What to do in Prague in Winter Time

In Europe, the best places to visit in winter time, are those where you can really feel the spirit of the season. If you wanted to get to a beach, you would have to travel far and out of the EU. So, there is no better trip to take at this time of the year than somewhere you can enjoy the many pleasures of the cold season. Prague is certainly one of these great destinations and here is why.

Stroll through the Christmas Market

Visiting one Christmas Market per year is certainly a great habit to take, for those who like to travel. If you are one of them, Prague should be on your list to visit sooner than later. When you turn the corner to enter into the main square, you will be greeted by a giant Christmas tree, that looks over the market. The setting in itself is incredible, as the city offers one of the most beautiful main squares of all of Europe. As the snow falls lightly, grab a cup of warm wine, and stroll through the various stalls that it offers. Complete the drink with a wonderful baked pastry and take a look at craftsmen products, before choosing the right ones for your Christmas tree.

There is also another Christmas Market located inside Prague Castle. It will provide you with an excuse to visit this important landmark of the city, at the same time. To get there, you will most probably go over Charles Bridge and its many statues aligned. Although it is beautiful in summer, the magic of falling snow adds to its beauty, as well. Learn more about the Christmas Markets at Prague.org. Don’t forget to put on a hat, gloves and a warm coat, as it can get pretty chilly in the city, especially since you will be walking outside for a long time.

Take the Time for Some Ice Skating

Anyone that has grown in a northern country has most certainly learned to ice skate at some point in their lives. If you are one of them, you will enjoy putting the skates back on, and take a few tours around the outside rinks that can be found at various locations around the city. The one in Old Town will let you admire the beautiful architecture of the Estates Theatre, while the one near the river in Na Frantisku will bring you back to the days when your father prepared a rink in the backyard, for you and your friends to skate on. Those looking for a particular experience Will most probably choose to ice skate on top of the shopping center at Galerie Harfa, in Vysocany.

Stay Warm Inside Museums and Galleries

If you are someone that prefers to watch the snow fall and the wind howl outside, while you are staying warmly inside, you can certainly do so in Prague. Head to one of its nine main museums to catch up on a large variety of art and history. For book readers, the Franz Kafka Museum will offer an incredible look into the writer’s life, while you can brush-up your history classes in the Museum of Communism, which lets you look at life in Prague, after the Second World War.

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