What To Expect With Post-Pandemic Travel

As you may have guessed, the world has been badly affected by the pandemic the travel industry has been particularly left behind, and in the wake of no current vaccine (though, it’s coming!), travel will be on the backburner for a little longer.

In 2019, there were over 2 billion domestic trips, so you can imagine that the future of travelling is going to look a little different to what we are used to. We’re used to jumping on a flight and being a little squished and excited about landing in a hot country in a far-flung corner of the world. Well, you’ll still get to do that, but you may not be as squished! So, let’s take a look at what you can expect from the travel industry post-pandemic.


Image Source: Pexels

  1. Excessive Smartphone Use! With so many different pubs, bars, restaurants and businesses choosing to make QR codes for easy check-in, airlines and hotels are following suit. This QR code is going to enable the locals to be updated if you are diagnosed with COVID-19. You’re going to be using your smartphone far more when you are out and about in a new city, so make sure that you pack a bag with you to carry it around.
  2. More Road Trips. In lieu of global travel you will find that you are on the road a lot more because of the pandemic. You’ll be driving on the road without having to board a plane while wearing a mask and sitting two-feet from anyone. Road trips are arguably safer than other kinds of trips, as it’s just you and your bubble in the car. 
  3. More Travel Agents. Most people use travel agents at the moment to get where they want to be, but have you considered that you may use one to find the better deals in a COVID-safe world? You’ll get the guidance you need from an expert in the industry who will tell you whether your travel dreams are going to be something you will be able to achieve.
  4. Emptier Beaches. With so many places implementing body temperature checks, mandatory masks and social distancing, the days of the overcrowded beach are over. While this is a great thing for you if you want the space, you may find getting to the beach a little harder with all of the stringent checks in place!
  5. Government Checks. Once a vaccine is out, there is a chance that some countries will not allow travel without the vaccination and proof that you have had it. You’ll also find that masks are a must when it comes to travel, and if you don’t bring one with you you’ll have one provided for you. You’ll also have to let the local govt know where you are by signing in at entry points for restaurants and airports. You may need to allow extra time to check into the airport so that you aren’t late to your flight, too. Travel may look different, but it’ll be the new normal soon enough.

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