When should you use a travel agency?

Now that we are fifteen years deep into the 21st century, it’s easy to write off the idea of using a travel agency these days, as many equate them as a dinosaur of past generations, dying off with every passing year as the internet replaces these brick and mortar institutions.

However, societal changes and the flexibility of modern technology have led to the rebirth of the travel agent instead, as more people are turning to these travel muses to help them plan their holidays, but now over the web. When should you use a travel agency? The points below will help you determine if you should consult one to help plan your next trip.

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1) When you are looking for a higher-end holiday

While it may be easy to know what you are getting when booking a holiday on a budget or the mid-range portions of the market, many high-priced options vary greatly in quality in relation to what they cost.

In this case, opting for a luxury tour provider is your best option, as a travel agent will help you get the best value for your money. Many holiday packages carry a heavy price tag, but not all deliver on the amenities and service levels that one would expect in return for such an expense. Agents usually have relationships with higher end properties and can often secure much better rates than you’ll find on your own.

2) When you have to sort out a visa

Ever wanted to go to the USA, Europe, or somewhere in the Middle East where you’ll most likely need to sort out a visa? Then using a travel agent is a good idea. It’s their job to understand visa requirements for countries they are selling holidays too, so this could save you a lot of time and headache.

3) If your personal/work schedule is a hectic one

These days, it seems that everybody is working longer hours than ever before. At the same time, we’ve also placed a greater value on our free time, filling it with activities that mean a great deal to us, which makes the prospect of plotting out our travels more of an onerous task that it ever has been in the past.

This trend alone has led to the resurgence of the travel agent in recent years, as busy professionals have turned to them to sort out a great flight schedule and an amazing hotel so they can focus on the matters that mean the most to them in their daily lives.

4) When you traveling as a group

Attempting to figure out how to get there, where to stay and what to do is hard enough when you’re traveling solo. Now try to balance out the needs and wants of your friends and family on a group trip. Not a pretty picture. A travel agent is a professional that lives for untangling this web of competing interests, giving you a holiday that comes as close as possible to satisfying every individual involved.

5) If you are unsure of where to go exactly

Want to get away from the cold and snow ASAP, but have no clue where to go? A travel agent knows all the unsung destinations, as well as the ones that are red hot at the moment. No matter what your needs are, they will be able to point you to a place where you can escape your frosty hell and be happy about your spontaneous decision.


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