Where are great places to invest in real estate?


At some stage in most peoples lives, their attention turns to the decision of whether to buy a property for you and your family to live in, move house or even invest in a piece of real estate. For investors in particular who are looking for rich rewards outside of their home countries, a number of places come to mind such as Spain and the French Riviera in Europe, The Caribbean island of Grenada, and Australia.

As everybody already knows, the European property market has been in a somewhat sluggish state for the past few years but now might be a good time to invest. Barcelona for example has seen some companies reporting the turnover in sales is up by 250% on the previous year. The Spanish government is also offering various incentives to overseas buyers in an attempt to kick start their static economy. For someone with a serious amount of money to invest the French Riviera should also be considered. With a massive 25% cut in capital gains tax, again the French government is doing all it can to attract foreign investment.

It is the government in Grenada that is again leading the way with incentives to attract the serious investor who would like their own little piece of paradise in the Caribbean. By launching a Citizenship by Investment programme, the country hopes to attract investors from around the globe to purchase real estate. There are some strict government guidelines to follow but rental returns on your property on this exclusive little island may be of interest to you as an investor.

With Australian property prices in the more popular areas of Sydney and Melbourne becoming less affordable, now might be a good time to head for the Queensland city of Brisbane or the Gold Coast. With the average property in Sidney costing around AU$780,000, Brisbane, at around AU$470,000 looks much more tempting.  A 13% increase in Brisbane property prices is estimated for the coming years while the Gold coast, with the help of a lot of Asian investment, can also be expected to increase by around 13%.

There are of course a number of options open to the Australian investor wishing to take part in the investment opportunities that Australia offers. Many people do not possess the hard cash to purchase properties or land and will often turn to a broker to arrange their finances. 1300 Home Loan, a business based in Sydney, can search hundreds of products being offered to find the right one for you.

With the income to loan ratio in Australia now at a rate of around 30%, now is certainly the time to be investing in the real estate market.

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