Why Budget Travelers Will Save Even More in 2015!

The world is a vast, diverse and fascinating place. Though we can study maps and look at photographs, we can’t truly appreciate the beauty and splendor of places without experiencing the real sights and sounds that traveling can offer us.

Just like our ever-changing planet, prices for traveling ebb and flow each year. Luckily, there are new deals and opportunities constantly appearing that are ripe for the taking.

In the wake of an article from The Washington Post, which details a list of dwindling hotel rates in countries such as Russia, Sweden and France, it’s always worth looking at the little alternatives that can make a big difference to your budget and consequent travel ideas.


Though it may seem hard to believe, companies are sometimes keen on helping you to save money. www.couponbox.com is one of the many sites that provide lists of updated daily promo codes and coupons for flights, hotels and car rentals. $100 off an economy class fares to Dubai using Emirates is just one example of a money saving possibility.

However, it’s not just fantastic to have extra money in your pockets – just as important is taking advantage of the huge influx of detailed information now available on the web for discerning travelers. A testament to the words you’re reading now, travel tips and hints are no longer confined to books sitting on dusty shelves, or even the sporadic and worldly advice from the mouth of a lone stranger sitting at the end of a bar.

As humans continue to travel and the internet expands simultaneously, info on a myriad of topics is readily obtainable and always up-to-date. Train schedules, bus times, airfare discounts, safety info and the hidden secrets of cities can easily be accessed with a few simple clicks and taps of your computer.

What’s more, the quick rise of accommodation services such as Couchsurfing and Airbnb has completely changed the traveling game. These sites have given those not in favor of hotels and hostels the opportunity to better integrate themselves into the local culture. Travelling in a group can also result in big savings when you share a room together or use the chance to buy food in supermarkets and cook in a real kitchen.

With all this in mind, don’t just look at atlases and albums in wonder, but make 2015 the year for being a savvy and smart budget traveler.

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