Why you should rent a car at Schiphol airport

The Schiphol airport is located in the west of Amsterdam, and it has about 35 million passengers per year. Schiphol has two runways and one terminal. The reason that most people go to Schiphol is for business or vacation purposes. It’s an international airport where most flights fly to destinations outside of the Netherlands, making it very convenient for international travelers.

Schiphol Airport is situated only 13 miles away from Amsterdam’s city center. This means that you can rent a car at Schiphol airport and drive into town in less than half an hour, so you don’t have to spend money on expensive public transportation.

The airport has a lot of different transportation means to get you around, but a very popular one is the rental cars. Car rental Schiphol offers a selection of car rental companies. Our personal favorite is BB&L Car rental.

Here are some reasons why you should rather rent a car at Schiphol airport, rather than in Amsterdam or any of the other cities. 

Why you should rent a car at Schiphol airport

Better value for money

The price for a one-day rental car starts at around € 40,00 and goes up from there. This is cheaper than renting a car in Amsterdam’s city center because Schiphol offers more competitive prices due to its convenient location. 

Save time

Not only is it cheaper, but it’s also a lot easier to get a rental car at Schiphol. You can directly pick up the car at Schiphol airport instead of making your way to the center of Amsterdam with public transportation, which could take you about an hour or so.

rent a car at Schiphol airport

More convenient

Another great thing about renting a car at Schiphol is that you might have to return it to the location you rented it when you rent a car in the city center. However, at Schiphol, this isn’t an issue because there are many different locations where you can drop your rental car off when renting from Schiphol. You can simply take your rental car back to Schiphol and drop it off there, which is a lot easier.

You can drive to wherever you want, at night or on weekends. The public transport system often closes around midnight, so renting a car is the only option left if you are not back in Amsterdam before then.

So, if you are looking into car rental Netherlands as your final destination or just making a stop-over for a few days, renting a car at Schiphol might be the best option for you.

Alternative ways of transport

But if you can’t or don’t want to drive, The Netherlands public transport system is sound. If you want to take public transportation to reach your accommodations in Amsterdam, you can easily purchase tickets out of the vending machines at the train station. 

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