Wonderfully Weird Things to Do in Las Vegas

The first time I read about the history of Las Vegas I could hardly believe what I was reading. A small watering hole in the middle of the Mojave Desert turned into a bustling city full of neon signs and ginormous resorts. For crying out loud, at some point in their history, nuclear tests happening nearby were used as touristic attractions and they even made a cocktail out of it! This is a crazy wonderful and weird city.

And of course, a city as crazy as this one must have a bunch of wild things to do. After all, Las Vegas started as a place in which the workers that made Hoover Dam went to have some entertainment in the form of gambling, so pretty much the city owes its existence to having many interesting things to do.

Las Vegas, Nevada

In this post, we´ll explore some of the city’s weirdest activities to do, while I rant about how Las Vegas and its history are unique among many other touristic cities. But first, a little bit of advice, if you want to do all those activities during vacations, I highly recommend you to rent a car in Las Vegas, as the public transport options are a bit ineffective to get to these places. In a rental car, on the other hand, most of the places are, a 20-minute drive away, and you can go with a little bit more comfort since there are many cars to choose from, such as SUVs and minivans.

So, without further ado let’s begin!

  1. HyperX, the E-sports arena at the Luxor Resort

Ok, I know you want to get to the first attraction but let me ramble about history a little bit: Las Vegas simply couldn’t exist without electricity; in fact, I believe that the only reason for Las Vegas not ending up like many other ghost towns in Nevada was because it was close enough to Hoover Dam to take full advantage of the electricity generated there, and so, to this day we still can see lights glowing in the middle of the desert and it’s no wonder you can even find an arena dedicated to electronic sports. See, I got us we got back in track in no time.

HyperX is an E-sport arena, meaning it’s a place where you can see and even participate in major competitive videogame events. The ambient is thrilling and futuristic with blue and red neon lights representing the competitive spirit of the arena. Customers report the staff to be very helpful and friendly. This attraction is especially engaging for teenagers. So, if you’re traveling with teenagers and want to have some adult entertainment on the casinos this should be your first stop. Trust me, your kids will be on good hands and won’t even notice you’re gone.

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is no charge for entering the arena as a spectator, however, if you want to play, you can pay for a certain number of hours. Prices are quite accessible, ranging from $15 for a single hour, to $40 for four hours. The arena regularly holds special events and tournaments that may require some payment.

  1. Dig this Las Vegas

Las Vegas was originally a remote stop on the Mojave where weary travelers would rest and resupply on their way to Los Angeles. A little bit of fertile land in the middle of nowhere, that’s how all got started. Of course, the city has grown a lot since it was just an outpost and now it’s an enormous city full of neon lights and things to see, but to tell you the truth it’s still a bit remote as there are miles and miles of lonely desert in between Las Vegas and any other major population center.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Now, that would be detrimental for any other touristic city but this is Las Vegas and if they were capable of using nuclear tests as a touristic attraction, they will definitely make something interesting out of those sun-baked sands that surround them, a good example: Dig this Las Vegas.

The premise is simple yet unique among other attractions, you are put behind the controllers of either an excavator or a bulldozer and you get to play around an empty lot full of desert sand. It’s like being a kid again and playing in a sandbox, except you get to play with actual heavy machinery! Customers report the activities here to be empowering, safe, and above all fun, even just moving dirt around is awesome if you’re doing it so from a huge machine. The staff is one of the greatest parts of the experience as they are friendly, patient and encouraging when teaching you how to operate the machines.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The place has a parking lot and it’s located at 800 W Roban Ave. Mind that this is on the outer limit of Las Vegas so plan your transportation accordingly, again, a rental car in Las Vegas is a good option for solving all your transportation needs as it lets you move from place to place at your rhythm.

  1. Sin City Smash.

Most cities are built around some sort of resource, most times that resource is water or food but with good Ol’ Sin City we learn that sometimes entertainment is a resource as valuable any other. Let me tell you a short story about how entertainment shaped Las Vegas: When construction of Hoover Dam took place, Boulder City was supposed to be the place that would grow due to the influx of workers, but contrary to expectations, workers went to Las Vegas instead. Why? Gambling of course! There were more fun things to do in Las Vegas than in Boulder City and so Las Vegas grew.

The fact that there were more entertainment options in Las Vegas changed its history and now when people think about an awesome touristic city in the southwest, well… let’s just say they don’t think about Boulder City. So, it’s not surprising that Sin City bets its money on entertainment venues, weird as they might be. Enter: Sin City Smash.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City Smash offers some of the most unusual forms of entertainment in Las Vegas, as it’s a (and I’m not kidding) recreational destruction therapy facility. What that means is that you’re let on a special room full of common items such as computers, printers, and bottles and you get to utterly destroy everything in the room with an axe, sledgehammer, crowbar or similar implement of destruction!

The concept is rather new so it may be hard to find in other cities, if you’re coming to Las Vegas you shouldn’t miss it, as it offers a great way to blow off steam and shatter your anger and frustration into a billion little pieces. Customers report it to be an incredibly cathartic activity for everyone and despite the activities’ chaotic nature its quite safe due to the many safety precautions.

Las Vegas, Nevada

And that concludes our list of the most wonderfully weird things to visit in Las Vegas. I hope next time you visit Las Vegas take some time to appreciate how an oasis of entertainment has sprouted from the middle of nowhere, and of course, don’t miss any of these attractions!

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