Summer Spotlight: Zakynthos, Greece!

The golden season is upon us, as the best weather of the year is either here or just around the corner, school has long since been concluded, and the scheduled holidays of many workaday people are about to begin.  It’s time to celebrate! As nice as conditions can be in the UK though, there are places that are much more amenable to summer fun than in the British Isles.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

One favourite destination among many Britons are the Greek islands, whose climate is much more predictable in terms of sunny weather and heat (spoiler alert: there’s lots of it, on both counts) than back in the mother country.  The only problem is, which one do you choose?  Some like to party their nights away, other prefer divine beaches, and more still like to explore the local culture and the natural assets of their destination.

While some islands are better than others in these categories, the isle of Zakynthos (also known as Zante) is the most well-rounded one out of the bunch. Zante is easily reachable, as there are many Thomas Cook flights that will take you from origin to destination with nary a worry or concern. The question remains though: what are the best aspects of this stand-out destination in the Ionian Sea?

Zakynthos Town Panorama

This article will uncover the very best elements of Zakynthos, so that all members of your travel party can come away from this amazing place with a smile on their face.

A beach for the ages

While most of the northwest coast of Zante is defined by sheer limestone cliffs rather than the loamy sands that compose the other shorelines of the island, a hidden cove here possesses a beach known locally as Navagio.  Foreigners commonly know it as Shipwreck Beach, as it is home to the remains of a wrecked smuggler’s boat that became marooned here in 1983.  The wreck is only a conversation piece though, as the beaches’ overall appeal is defined by its hidden nature, towering cliffs, pure white sand, and crystal clear waters.

Get active, on land or sea

With beauty all around you in this amazing destination, it would be a sin to just lay on the beach during your entire stay on Zante.  Hop on a mountain bike and choose a variety of routes through traditional villages and forests, along clifftops and beside beaches.  Snorkel or dive with loggerhead turtles, a plethora of tropical fish, octopi and much more.  If you’re truly insane, stand above the beach at Navagio and perform a BASE jump, deploying a parachute seconds later to avoid forming an impact crater on the sands below.  No matter what you choose to do, it will add the spice of variety that will make your trip truly unforgettable!

Party until the sun comes up

If party rockin’ until the sun breaches the eastern horizon is what gives your summer holiday its raison d’etre, then the southern settlements of Argasi, Tsilivi, Laganas, Alykes and Kalamaki will be where you will want to centre yourself during your time in Zante. World famous DJ’s spin at clubs here, fire shows thrill many, and the bars here play music that includes pop, house, trance and every other variant of music that floats your boat, making this region of Zakynthos the best place to dance the night away on your vacation.

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