2 Unique Things To See In Salvador, Brazil

Boasting close to 200 million people, Brazil can easily be considered an absolute monster when it comes to culture.  They have their own unique dance (capoeira and samba) and have their own unique way of seeing things.  Salvador is a very special city since it is the very first capital of Brazil and also held the first slave market in the New World.  This leads me to the first unique things to see and it involves the late great Micheal Jackson:


The Pelourinho Square is where the slave market was held in Salvador.  Pelourinho means whipping post, rightly so since the whiping post of the slave market use to be held in that same square.  Its funny when you travel how you can experience these kinds of things and find the meaning behind a music or a song.  When I first watched this video I simply thought: “oh cool he filmed it in Brazil”.  You also get a bit of mis direction since the beginning of the video has a good shot of The Christ statue in Rio De Jenario.  If you think about this, Micheal filmed the video “they don’t really care about us” where the first slave market was held in the new world.  Thats pretty powerful.

This is the video of the infamous 2 year old dancing Samba on the table top in you guessed it, Salvador.  This video went viral a long time ago.  When in Carnaval you can really see these little guys breaking it down all over the street.  The largest Carnaval is in Rio de Jenairo followed by Sao Paolo.  The best place to experience Carnaval however, is Salvador, where you can actually pay to be part of the festival rather than just sit in a stadium and watch the festival walk by.  Im currently in Salvador and am heading out to witness Carnaval Day 3!


    1. Hey Max there is a certain area of the city where there are tons of places to go out at I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me though. I will speak with a friend and get back to you… remind me or contact me through the about page

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