Addis Ababa is the Flourishing Capital of Africa

I decided that it was time to do something different with my travels and there aren’t too many destinations in the world like Africa.  I decided to take my talents to Kenya and move into a Somali neighborhood called South C just outside the city limits if Nairobi.  My first trip outside of Kenya was to Ethiopia and I ended up falling in love with Addis Ababa, similar to how I fell in love with Medellin.

Addis Ababa is known as the capital Africa because it the headquarters of the African Union

Think of the African Union as the African version of the European Union.  It is in the very early stages in comparison to other African unions such as the Eastern Africa Community (EAC), a different entity comprising of all Eastern Africa nations.  The EAC is already discussing using one currency for the entire Eastern Africa region starting in 2015, one currency for Africa will come in time of course.

addis ababa

One of my favorite monuments in Addis

The African Union is the representation of all African nations which has lead every country to open a consulate in Addis Ababa.  If you need a visa for any hostile country in the world, I would highly recommend getting the visa in Addis Ababa.  Visas tend to be processed quicker and with much less hassle.

The country and its capital are opening up to the world after a very tumultuous period.  They are quietly getting past their marred history from a ruthless leader, you remember the starvation epidemic in Ethiopia don’t you?

I remember I was telling friends of how I loved Ethiopia and they would ask me “do they have enough food there?”.  This is why I love traveling to countries that people don’t normally visit.  I break down barriers like CNN!

Now that the country is past its turbulent days, a new government reigns over the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. One thing I will never understand is why all the countries in Africa put democracy in their new name after a big change in power.  They always end up being as corrupt as before!

Can we at least stay consistent guys?

You don’t see Zimbabwe changing its name to the Democratic Nation of Zimambwe do you?  The people of Ethiopia have an insatiable appetite for other cultures and anything new as the country’s economy, culture, and even population, are flourishing.

monument in addis ababa

The Derg Monument in Addis Ababa

One of the new topics I am going to start talking about on this site is investing overseas. Ethiopia, with its low crime, low costs, and new direction, are something that have me very interested in investing in its future.

Things may change as the city grows but one of the most unique aspects of Addis Ababa is its very low crime rate.  I never had any problems with anyone trying to test my patience, pick my pockets, or rob me.  I usually don’t have any problems so don’t take my word for it, after getting arrested in South Sudan and getting kidnapped in Venezuela I am prepared for anything.

I experienced very unique things in Ethiopia, especially when I took the time to learn the language and speak to taxi drivers.  I encountered a very vibrant salsa scene and even a taxi driver that was listening to my beloved Reggaeton (Spanish hip hop to put it simply).

I couldn’t help staying away from Ethiopia after I arrived because it was such an interesting place to be.  When I first started researching living in Africa, I decided to live in Nairobi because it is the financial capital of Eastern Africa and also because of internet access.  The only weakness that Addis Ababa has is horrid internet.

I trade eminis in the futures market so reliable internet is vital to making a living.  There is a simple rule for internet in Africa, if a country is on the coast it stands a much better chance of having faster reliable internet.

If a country isn’t on the coast then your chances of getting reliable internet are as high as believing that global warming doesn’t exist.  Horrible internet still could not keep me away.

I am planning on having a few home bases around the world and Ethiopia is leading the pack in Africa; Ethiopian Airlines is the best airline in Africa so far in my experience, crime is very low, and the cost of living is very cheap.  On top of that, the women are gorgeous and any country that loves salsa gets the official WanderingTrader stamp of approval.

In summary, Addis Ababa as well as Ethiopia, are both extremely interesting and worth  a second look for your next vacation.  I look forward to sharing more about Ethiopia and Addis Ababa considering that is on top of my list of destinations in the world.


  1. Great post – Addis Ababa and Ethiopia are both very high on my list for Africa when I go next year, although I may well not make it there. Loving the statue in the first photo, and interesting to hear about how Addis compares to different African cities. Surprised about the low crime-rate.

    And you DO break down borders, Mr 1st-Travel-Blogger-to-go-to-South-Sudan! I mention countries like Ethiopia and Colombia as places I’d love to go, and I’m met with “famine!” and “you’ll get murdered!” or “cocaine!” Sigh. Keep on doing your thing! 😀

  2. Agreed!!! There’s no other continents can be as beautiful as Africa. Since I stepped foot on Africa in 2009, I have been in love with this continents and cannot wait to go back. I am so happy to find this post since I will be going to Ethiopia during my up coming Trans-Africa trip;)). I am glad you said it’s safe since I am a single female traveling alone. All my friend thought I am crazy to go to Africa but they just have not been there have not seen any good news about it. I can’t wait to see more post about Africa in here so I can prove to them I am right;)


    1. All you have to do Tammy is make sure that you walk with the proper demeanor and people will be much less likely to mess with you. Act like you know where you are going and ask questions with conviction… you should be alright. Definitely always keep an eye out because it is Africa.. 🙂

  3. I’m impressed by your curiosity and persistence to travel around the world. To be frank, you should be proud to have the time and money freedom that the few very lucky ones have. It makes me even more jealous since I’m an Ethiopian who lives in Addis and you have more experience about my own country than I have.Thank you for sharing the beautiful side of my country for the rest of the world and there’s a lot to our history that will inspire you. You just come and digg.

    1. Thanks Daniel.. Ethiopia was actually one of my favorite countries in Africa and a favorite of mine in the world as well. You should explore your country its absolutely amazing. Thanks for the comment

  4. Those photos of the monuments — especially the first one — are indeed incredibly. Just as Tom said. 🙂 I’d love to go to Ethiopia, and in fact I had a trip planned for this year but then had to postpone it to work on my projects. It’ll happen. I’ve really enjoyed all the other places I’ve been to in Africa and know Ethiopia will be amazing, colorful and wonderful, too. And thanks for the encouragement and insight with this post!

  5. Greetings from China.

    Agreed. Love Ethiopia – amazing historical sites and landscapes (am thinking about returning next year; my first visit was back in 1994-95, so an update is needed …). The “women are gorgeous” – absolutely !

  6. It is nice to know there is a low crime rate in Addis Ababa. That makes me feel more comfortable traveling there as a woman. When is off season or the best time to travel to Ethiopia?


    1. Around August is best that will allow for the best weather.. you can also go a bit later in September to catch the hottest place in the north. It can only be visited during the winter months

  7. I have been to Addis Ababa on two occasions. Certainly very charming, very friendly people and gorgeous women with chiselled features and very feminine and gentle voices. My only complaint is that people are very laidback. Really silly that they gave away access to the sea to Eritrea. A small coast would have been good to have. We had hired a car to go around and our cabby Mulugeta was a great resource to have. A lovely person and very resourceful, he knew all the places to go for food, clothes, leather, coffee etc. Ethiopia grows the World’s best coffee and it is available in the Duty Free. Am told the internet is a little better than what they had back in 2008. The people of Ethiopia deserve better than what they have. God certainly knows how to make good people suffer.

    1. Don’t think they actually wanted to give it back.. its well known that having access to the sea is a big economic boost and its actually one of the reasons that Ethiopia has one of the worst problems with internet in the world. I agree 100% that they are absolutley beautiful people, I honestly can’t wait until I go back.. thanks for the comment Krishna

  8. Addis has the lowest crime rate anywhere in Africa and the best predictable mild climate throughout the year.I hate air conditioners! May I add the best coffee, juices of all sort from mango to ginger, delicious tea and fresh fruit. No franchise trans-national junk food. The ladies are gorgeous! I love injera and a must visit for injera-buffs!

  9. I felt in love with Ethiopia as it turned out to be much more than I expected. The view of Addis people have in Europe is far behind what that city really is, and even though I had one unpleasant situation when a guy on the street was harassing me, the city is safe and has a REALLY low crime rate. I will keep on repeating forever: Ethiopia is amazing 🙂

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