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Learning How To Speak Argentinian Spanish

Learning How To Speak Argentinian Spanish is very easy if you know how to speak regular Spanish.  The Spanish dialect found in Argentina is influenced heavily by both the Italian language and customs.  Another very unique trait of Spanish in Argentina is how they pronunciate different vowels.  There are some different words used in Argentina that […]

Ohh Argentina…. Keep It In Your Pants

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This is my 2nd story of my awkward situations in Argentina. If you would like to read more about these funny stories see the list at the end of the post. All of these stories seem to deal with Argentinians and their.. uhh.. manhood. The men of Buenos Aires are quite different in this respect, […]


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One must be careful upon close contact because you could lose an eye in simple conversation with this Argentine.  As he moved his nasal appendage you could feel the wind change direction.  This I tell you was great because it was a bit nippy on the boat.  So for you who do not believe in […]


Punta Tombo is one of the largest Magellan Penguin Colonies in the world.  Your able to get very close to the penguins and take pictures of them while you are literally inches away.  The best part is that since they have been around humans for so long they are not afraid and will stay perfectly still when […]

Things to do in Argentina: Cordoba Theater & Monuments

Tower Gate in Cordoba, cordoba argentina, pictures of cordoba

Cordoba is not on the list of things to do in Argentina mainly due to the other incredible attractions in Argentina, one example, Iguazu Falls.  One of the most historic things that the locals think tourists should see in Cordoba is the Tower Gate.   Left over from the time the city had walls around […]

Diving with Sea Lions – Puerto Madryn, Argentina

This is one of the coolest experiences that I have ever had.  I’ve never scuba dived in my life and these guys were just kind enough to let me go full fledged scuba with about 5 minutes worth of training.  Puerto Madryn is a mecca for any animal lover and whether you want to get […]

Bungee Jumping Argentine Style

Spanish isn’t very different around world in comparison to other languages.  There are some countries in the world where two people from different provinces may not understand each other.  Spanish, and even Argentina Spanish, is roughly the same words with different accents.  There may be some words exclusive to a certain region or country but […]