Back Flips Into the Jordan River: Israel

jordan river

Swimming in the Jordan River

The Jordan River. THEE JORDAN RIVER.  Yesterday the Once in Lifetime Crew took us to a Kibbutz where we were able to swim on the Israeli side of the Jordan River.  I of course had to do my holy back flip into the water.  God did bless me with a great landing but he took my hair scrunchie!  You believe that?  I just hope that I get it back when I go to heaven.  I have to run to race a few electric cars here in the city of Tel Aviv so I will be updating this post a bit later.  Shalom!

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  1. Israel to this day continues to be one of my TOP preferred nations on the planet. I cant delay to go back!  P.S.  I had the same encounter with the “asking them not to press my passport” problem and they placed it any longer.  I unfortunately had to miss out on a Lebanon vacation bc of this issue; thank God my ticket ended a coupla several weeks ago!

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