Bedouin Whiskey and Fairytales: Jordan

This is a guest post by Honcho Extreme, the winner of the Jordan contest!


Bedouin Whiskey and Fairytales: Jordan. Just let that sink in for a moment.  “Sounds like a scam to me… if it was so easy everyone would do it… lifestyles like that only exist in fairytales…”

Even my optimistic friends were pessimistic as I shared the recent news of winning a contest with an inclusive all expenses paid to Jordan.  The contest also included a 1 year free training program with the Marcello’s day trading eduction program, I was quite excited since The Day Trading Academy reviews are nothing but exceptional.

My persistent entries were noticed out of thousands of hopefuls. I admit, even I had a hard time comprehending that I would be leaving shortly for an exclusive, all expense paid trip to the Middle East with sponsorship from the Jordan Tourism Board, to learn day trading techniques from the company’s president, Marcello Arrambide.

While it seemed unbelievable, the thought of the trip couldn’t compare to the experience as it still seems surreal in hindsight.

Walking away from the trip I want to share the three things I learned: Marcello’s lifestyle does exist the way its portrayed on his travel blogs, day trading is a viable source of income and can be a promising career, and lastly that Jordan is a wonderful tourist destination.

Bedouin Whiskey

Living the fairytale! Sharing “Bedouin Whiskey” in a Wadi Rum desert encampment

The man, myth, and legend.  I first met Marcello in Africa as we were swimming across the Zambezi River from Livingstone Island before a brave leap into Victoria Fall’s “Devil’s Pool” on the same morning.

Through small talk I was introduced to day trading and the lifestyle it afforded him to live, I was interested, unfortunately at the time he had not yet created his Day Trading Academy.

Fast forward two years, the chance to win a trip to Jordan and learn how to day trade showed up in my Facebook news feed after an update on Academy’s Facebook page and I immediately began submitting for the opportunity.

In the last two years I had followed Marcello’s wandering trader blog while he traveled over four continents and through dozens of countries, earning a living from his laptop, while I was enviously saving vacation days to do the things I wanted.  The daily market recaps on the day trading academy’s webpage showed some insight on how it was possible and while most of the verbiage was a foreign language but the disclosure of profits made in hard currency made perfect sense to me.

Devils Pool Victoria Falls

Devil’s Pool in Zambia

Ticks, points, and futures, oh my!

Marcello opened his online academy while living in Ethiopia a few months after we met and for a while, I was as pessimistic as my friends, even after and I began watching his strategy being traded live online.

Fear of the unknown and risk aversion concerning security, in my opinion, is what keeps the corporate world gainfully employed while we work for someone else instead of pursuing the interests we have; fortunately for me, all doubt of whether or not day trading is a viable source of income has vanished after this trip.

Once I received login credentials for my free year of training I began reading the curriculum’s chapters, watching the video tutorials and practicing market strategy exercises all of the puzzle pieces began to fall into place on how it exactly works. I will write about my experience with the learning to day trade project in other articles as I chronicle my transition from paper trading to the live market to establish myself into a position that trading and traveling become one seamless commitment.

This blog entry isn’t about day trading, it is about my magic carpet ride to the Middle East, an unforgettable experience that day trading has provided.

 Petra from above

Petra’s Treasury, one of the Seven Wonders of the “Ancient World”

The Middle East, is it even safe?  Jordan has completely reshaped my opinion on travel in an area that many of us “westerners” view as unstable and potentially dangerous.

The Hashemite Kingdom however disproved any uncertainty as my week of exploration of ancient ruins, modest villages, and major cities set it apart as one of the most welcoming and tourist oriented countries I have ever received a passport stamp from.

The culture of this Jordan is rich and its inhabitants colorful as the area is one of the oldest inhabited civilizations in the world, with cities dating back to 7000 BCE, and continues to play its part as major route for land and sea trading hub for thousands of years.

The Jordan Tourism Development Project (Siyaha), with assistance from USAID, has created an international tourist destination to promote while preserving the historic and natural treasures of the country ranging from the reconstruction of mountain villages from rubble at Dana Nature Preserve, the world famous tombs and architecture in Petra, to the lunar landscapes of the Wadi Rum region made famous during the Arab Revolt.

Dana Nature Reserve

Tower Hotel with modern rooms on the mountaintops overlooking Dana Nature Preserve.

Since there is so much to cover from the recent holiday provided by TheDayTradingAcademy and Wandering Trader please check back soon for updates on my experience with the Jordan Tourism Board.

They allowed opportunities to view their diamond in the rough as well as exploits such as racing Marcello and his cheating donkey up narrow cliff side trails to scuba diving in the Red Sea with a view of four countries and two continents.

Donkey Ride at Jordan

Donkey Ride at to the top top of the Petra Complex


  1. I’ve always enjoyed following you. Its wonderful, enjoyable and always a learning experience! Have a nice day!

  2. guys, i can only repeat byng…i’ve been following your blog and website for almost a year now and it’s really inspiring what is possible!!! all the best and I’ll be in touch in re of the DTA!! cheers

  3. Wow- what a dream! Fear of the unknown and fear of change is very powerful stuff and unfortunately the majority of people won’t ever take that leap … but we’ve rarely met a person who regretted change, no matter how drastic.

  4. It is in point of fact a nice and helpful piece of information.
    I’m happy that you shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I so want to visit Jordan,Petra and Wadi Rum. Have been put off by trouble in nearby countries, so your post is re-assuring. Love the donkey ride, Bedouin encampment. Devil’s Pool in zambia looks a bit too adventurous for me. Great post. really enjoyed it.

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