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Meet Antwerp, Belgium: The Little City That Could

Antwerp, Belgium

The city of Antwerp, Belgium, is a city that I expected nothing of.  Since Belgium is one of Western Europe’s most underrated destinations, Antwerp may fall under the radar to larger cities such as Brussels & the popular Bruges. I’m here to officially put Antwerp back on your radar. The tiny city housing roughly half […]

Meet Belgium: The Most Underrated Country In Western Europe

Sunset in Belgium

Belgium has always sparked my curiosity and it was never because of things to see or the many tourist attractions that the country has to offer. Everywhere that I have traveled, including places like Ethiopia and the Guyana’s, I have met amazing Belgian people. When the representatives from the Flanders Tourism Board invited me to […]

Onward to the Flanders Festival in Belgium

Regions of Belgium

The Flanders Festival in Belgium was my first stop in Europe and boy was I glad that it was. This is my first time that I have been in Western Europe proper outside of living in Southern Italy (Sicily) and making a stop in London for a one day layover. I was excited to visit […]