Best Fast Food In the United States of America

One of the things that characterizes the United States over any other country in the world. Our fast food has infected the entire world begrudgingly and they all love it as much as we hate to love it! There are regional favorites as well as some fast food chains that aren’t nationwide.  I tried to choose from the nationwide chains or at least the ones that are in most states.  I do plan on bringing the regional favorites to you as well if you ever are traveling in a specific part of the United States.  I made this list because if you are traveling you usually always look for something quick and if you are ever visiting the United States you can’t leave without trying the fast food.  Disclaimer: Do not blame me when your pants don’t fit anymore.

Wendy's Chocolate Frosty, wendy's dessert, chocolate frosty,


The chocolate frosty at Wendy’s will change your 3 am post intoxication regime forever or it could just be a really good afternoon snack.  Small isn’t enough to water your pallet and large is way to much, medium is just right.  They just came out with a brand new frosty with caramel that is absolute heaven.  I haven’t tried it but have gotten very good reviews!

checkers fries, best fast food fries


They are just a bit crispier than fries from Mcdonald’s or Burger King and have a lot more flavor.  Too bad for checkers this is the only good product they have on their menu.  Def try them out I don’t think your taste buds will be the same after you try them.  You certainly will think other fries are subpar.

burger king crossainwhich, burger king breakfast


The croissanwhich from Burger King is heaven for breakfast.  It certainly beats all of the other flakey bread imposters.  I usually kill three of these things easily.  They are a bit salty so make sure that you if you limit your salt that you drink plenty of water.  You mouth will salivate.

mccafe, mcdonalds coffee, mcdonald's coffee, Mc cafe


Its the new poor man Starbucks.  I use to be addicted to the caramel frappucino at Starbucks but ever since Mcdonald’s came out with their version of the caramel drug that is more than delicious.  And at a few dollars cheaper than starbucks why wouldn’t a poor man love this?


subway sandwhiches, pictures of subway, subway meltHEALTHIEST: SUBWAY

Subway is more like a deli but you can still get food very quickly.  When I first got back into the United States I would order two sandwiches for $7 now one almost costs $10 with a combo.  Some complain that its more bread and veggies than meat but you can still find a good sandwich with the discounts they offer.  I have perfected the Melt; turkey, ham, swiss cheese, white bread, with lettuce, tomatoe, a bit of onion, salt, pepper, garlic, oil & vinegar, a bit of sweet onion sauce and 30 seconds in the microwave.  Not 31 seconds, 30.  Thank me later

pictures of cookies, subway, subway cookiesBEST COOKIES: SUBWAY

There is nothing more delicious that you can get for a dollar than cookies at subway.  Sometimes they are over cooked and are crunchy but my favorite are when they are very soft.  They have everything from chocolate chip to double chocolate chip to white macadamia nut .  You def have to try these.


KFC Sides, sides at kfc, food at KFC


What KFC lacks in good food they make up for in sides.  They have everything that you can possibly imagine including cole slaw which is my personal favorite.  Their bread is the cheapest you can find anywhere but it is delicious with butter.  They also have mashed potatoes, chili, and many others.  A funny thing about KFC is they were thinking about changing their name to Kentucky “Fresh” Chicken instead of “Fried” chicken to sound more healthy.  Safe to say it didn’t stick.

 pictures of whopper, whopper, burger king whopperBEST BURGER: BURGER KING

Home of the flame broiled whopper, burger king has a variety of options for the whopper.  They also have come up with the baconator which is a flame broiled steak with enough bacon to give you a heart attack.  Burger King is popular for the slogan have it your way.  They let you choose your side if you want something instead of fries.  Don’t forget they have the best breakfast in the fast food business.

krispy kreme donuts, krispy kremeBEST DONUTS: KRISPY KREME

The most delicious donuts go to Krispy Kreme.  People salivate when they drive by and the “hot now” sign is on.  Many drivers have been known to druel on themselves and their donuts at the same time.  While there is only one other national donut chain, Dunkin Donuts.  Their warm, glazy, and delicious donuts.



7 eleven hot dog, 7-11 hot dogs,


There is nothing like an over sized under priced piece of over processed hot dog that you can engulf with nacho cheese and relish.  One of my favorites for dinner this things will fill you up but since I have an abnormally large appetite I usually buy two, with a cherry coke of course.  With 7 eleven being on almost every single street corner you have a very good option for a snack at anytime of the day.  Viva 7-eleven.



chicken sandwich, chik fil e chicken, chik fil e chicken sandwichBEST CHICKEN SANDWICH: CHICK-FIL-A

Chik-Fil-A is an unusual take on fast food.  First off they are closed on Sundays, even the stores that are found in major commercial malls are closed on Sundays.  The fries at Chik-Fil-A are also very good but nothing compares them to checkers.  Initially I had Chik-Fil-A the healthiest of the bunch but they can’t beat Subway.  Still a very healthy option with the majority of their options containing chicken.  EAT MORE CHIKIN.




It has won awards which personally I don’t think means anything to any of us.  Pizza is a really hard thing to pick because everyone likes their pizza different.  There are also a hundred different styles of pizza.  The white cheesy from Marco’s is the best pizza I have tasted outside of Italy.  Yeah I said it.  It has 4 different types of cheese, bacon, onions, tomatoes, and throw on some cholesterol inducing butter garlic and you have a recipe for a fantastic disaster.  Everyone that has tried it has said how delicious it is.  Even the traitors that think Little Ceasers, Dominoes, and Pizza Hut are the best.


  1. On several driving holidays in different parts of the US, we were sometimes dependent on fast food chains. Tried some on this list. What we found amusing about the chains that are also present in Europe are the portions and side offerings (like KFC for instance). And yes, we always risked going home a size bigger on the waist.

  2. hahahah You dont like burger king I take it! But their breakfast is delicious!! Five guys I know of and would agree with you but they aren’t a national chain. In and out is only on the west coast so I wanted to try and include more national chains. The verdict is def in for In and out thought.. everyone is telling me about that place

  3. I used to love Chick-Fil-A. They even served the sandwiches in my high school cafeteria (Oh, Texas)…. but with some of their recent political remarks, actions and donations, it’s hard to support them anymore.

    You’re spot on with Wendy’s Frosty though! One thing I think you’re missing: Arby’s. Their curly fries are so good!

  4. I want to be scientific about this – next time I’m in the States I will have to try all of these just to see if you’re correct!

  5. In & Out is not has hot as you may have heard, i don’t get it. Maybe everyone loves it because it’s best eaten at 4am 🙂 Five guys is better and the fries are awesome. Nice job on best breakfast, BK is where it’s at. Best salad though….McDonalds. Best wrap…McDonalds spicy beef, which they took off the menu here in Florence. It was awesome. And now some McDonalds have McCafe like a mini Starbucks. Frosty’s are famously eaten with fries, have you tried that?!

  6. haha man I can’t believe you wrote a post like this, but it’s a good one and I gotta agree with most of it. I literally have memories surface every now and then calling me back to Hot Now Krispy Kreme chocolate glazed donuts, lol… Also I’d vote for Arby’s curly fries in the best fries section. Good post man.

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