23 Best Travel Tips After 5 Years Of Traveling The World

Best Tips For World Travel

Best Tips For World Travel

These are my best travel tips after traveling around the world for more than 6 years. Over the last few years I’ve been to over 90 countries, all 7 continents, and even lived in countries spanning 5 continents.

I’ve learned a few things along the way.

Traveling around the world has always been a passion of mine.

I remember I would proclaim in college that one day, ONE DAY, I would be day trading and traveling around the world. Everyone would tell me how crazy I was or would just brush me off.

I took a few trips to Iceland and Costa Rica, but it wasn’t until I took an extended 3 week trip to Argentina where I realized the possibility.

After that trip to the bustling city of Buenos Aires, capital of the now bankrupt Argentina, I realized that it was possible. I walked into my Unit Manager’s office after that 3 week stint and told him I was leaving in two weeks.

I finally had an answer to the question I continued to ask myself over the years…..

How to Travel The World?

I registered this WanderingTrader site in May 2010 to chronicle my adventures. I couldn’t be happier as I have been able to travel and feel my own definition of success, freedom.  One of the best things I have done is also train others to be able to travel around the world by making a living day trading.

Here are some of the best travel tips I have learned along the way, some personal, some about travel.  Share your best travel tips in the comments below!

Travel Tip: Don't Be Afraid To Be Alone

Travel Tip: Don’t Be Afraid To Be Alone

  1. No Matter the Culture, Age, Background, or Race: We Are All The Same

If there is one thing that I have learned over the years is that no matter what color we are, how different we call the things we eat, where we are located geographically, or how many consonants our language has, at the end of the day we are all the same.

We strive for the same things.

Everyone wants to live their version of success, achieve their dream. Doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, or what we wear, or what we have, at the end of the day we are all human.

It is amazing to think about things this way.  At times when we travel around the world we can sometimes see the vastness of our differences but very rarely see how we are all the same. Keep that in mind the next time you get upset over something as small as not being served on time at a restaurant.

I remember when I invited my mother, the Madame WanderingTrader, to India; I would hustle the rickshaw drivers as far down as they would go.

Only to see who was honest and who wasn’t and in turn give them double or triple what the normal fare would be. We all look for the same things in life and in many countries most people can barely afford to feed their families.

We have popularized our hate for the top 1% of society of the United States.  Most people don’t realize that Americans and most people in the West are the 1% compared to the rest of the world.

  1. It is the best decision that you will ever make

Was it scary when I first decided to travel the world full time and rely solely on my day trading income? Sure.

Was it a difficult decision to leave everything I knew and go into the depths of things I didn’t know or understand? Yep.

But guess what? I look back at that moment in time when I was sitting in my apartment and that one decision is the best decision I have ever made. Whether you think you can’t afford it or you are afraid to make the plunge, the universe has a funny way of making things happen.

  1. You Learn More From Travel Than Any University or Formal Education

I love to learn but I don’t want to pay $100,000 USD for a University tuition to master information I will never use in my life. My private university tuition cost more than that.

I still have over $20,000 USD in student loans.

I spent 4 years studying business concepts, procedures,  and “team building exercises” I will never use in my life.  I can guarantee that by traveling continuously for more than just 6 months alone will teach you more real world concepts than anything taught in Universities.  Concepts learned by traveling are ones you can benefit from in both your personal and business careers; everything from time management, to being accountable, becoming personable and social, to looking for opportunities.

Travel Tip: Don't Be Afraid to Be Alone

Travel Tip: Don’t Be Afraid to Be Alone

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Alone

So many people hold themselves back because of this feeling.

If traveling the world means getting away, finding adventure from living a monotonous life at a 9 to 5 job, or if you are trying to find your way in life, the last thing you need to worry about is being alone. There are millions of travelers around the world that are on the same mission as you.

What you don’t know is that locals as well as other travelers have a thirst for meeting people just like you. In fact, that leads me to my next travel tip:

  1. Reach Out To Travel Communities – Forget Travel Companies

The world is becoming social and the sharing economy is rising exponentially; from renting rooms through Airbnb, private drivers with Uber, sleeping on sofas with Couchsurfing, and even microlending to individuals in Africa and Asia. There is absolutely no excuse not to get involved.

Forget buying a Lonely Planet guide book from a person that was contracted to spend 30 days in a country to give you all the information you need.

Reach out to the travel blogger that lives in that country who can escort you to all of the local spots.  Meet the foreign don of a city that can show you the ins and outs.

Use Twitter, ask questions, be curious.

Travel Tip: You Don't Have To Be Rich

Travel Tip: You Don’t Have To Be Rich

  1. You Don’t Have To Be Rich

Technically, you don’t need that much money to travel. The only trade off to this is that the more cheaply you want to travel the more time you will need. Instead of buying expensive flights, hitch hike. Staying at hotel is no longer required since you can sleep on someone’s couch for free.

The only trade off is time.

The more comfortable you want to be the more you can spend. I would rather take a flight than spend 8-10 extra hours on a bus. Flights are also more expensive. Low cost airlines are sprouting up around the world, even Colombia. Do your research and make sure to check all of your options. One doesn’t have to spend a fortune to experience the good things in life.

  1. You Will Need 50% Less Things That You Can Pack

You heard that ladies.

Do your best to save some space and not bring the 50 pairs of shoes you need. Correction, 49 you could do without your 50th favorite pair. When you are traveling around the world the key to the game is simplicity. You don’t need three pieces of luggage nor do you need every single fragment of makeup you have purchased in the last 5 years.

Once you have finished packing get rid of one suitcase and fit everything into a backpack, personal item (gentlemen if you would like to bring a purse that is up to you), and a carry on. Most of the items I travel with now are all electronics.

One pair of shoes, jeans, and sandals, one button up shirt for those fancy evenings, a handful of t-shirts and electronics. I bring more socks and underwear than actual clothes items.

  1. Buy Two Of Everything

Two cables to charge your phone.

Two batteries for your camera.

Even two cameras.

Two condoms guys, you know the quality of things made in China.

I can’t count the number of times I have needed a second item of something. Whether something was accidentally misplaced for a period of time, stolen, got wet and ruined, or I gave a gift to someone, having two of everything saved me more than once on many occasions. Having a backup battery and camera for those moments that you cannot relive is priceless.

Spend the extra money to have a backup for your most important items.  You won’t regret it…. guys.

Travel Tip: Keep An Open Mind

Travel Tip: Keep An Open Mind

  1. Keep An Open Mind

There is a great world out there and just because things are done differently somewhere else doesn’t mean that they are better or worse. When I lived in Sicily the endless inefficiencies were known as the “charm” of the island.  You may have to ride in a rickshaw instead of a large American Chevy Sedan.

Rooms may be smaller, crickets may be fried, customs and mannerisms may be different. Always keep an open mind. Just because something is different doesn’t mean that it is better or worse.

  1. Be Willing To Change Plans

Most of the world isn’t as efficiently planned like most Western societies are used to. Trains and buses leave late (if at all) and one may not be able to find hot water.

When traveling one has to always make sure to create a structure or an idea of what we want to do but don’t plan strict schedules that you have to adhere to.

One of the best travel tips I can give you about traveling around the world is that there are more important things than sight seeing. Feeling a location or getting to know locals can be just as powerful as the pictures you have of exotic beaches and sunsets.

I developed a lot of patience and became even more laid back after traveling for so long. Most times things are not going to go according to plan.

  1. Throw Away Your Guide Books

As I mentioned earlier in the post, most often companies hire travelers for blocks of time to get to know a location. Better information can be had finding local travel bloggers instead of paying for guide books.

I’ve found that many times most guide books just provide the common sense information you need. Many times the information is outdated and incorrect.

By contacting local bloggers one can get a much better sense of what to do in a city. You can avoid common tourist traps and get to know parts of a country and culture that many may not know about.

Best Travel Tips: Throw Away Your Guide Books

Best Travel Tips: Throw Away Your Guide Books

  1. “Third World Countries” Are Actually Quite Modern

You would be surprised to see the infrastructure, cafes, and vibrant city centers that you may find in many cities. Traveling the world makes you realize that most often many Third World Nations are actually quite modern.

Even here in Medellin, Colombia, where most people think that cocaine and bloody drug wars still exist, there is a peaceful sense of paradise.

One may have to pay a bit more for American amenities but they can be found. Everything from your cereal in the morning to your Frappa-duppa-suppa-caramel-mocha-polka-dot-chino Latte.

  1. Call Mom Especially When Going To Africa Alone

Let’s face it. Your families, especially our moms, worry sick about us. Especially when we go to Africa, the last frontier. In this day in age with messaging apps like Whatsapp and Skype, there is no reason why you can’t keep in touch with Mom and let her know your whereabouts.

Best thing would be to start a blog, then she could at least know your alive and well.

  1. Buy A Little Souvenir From Every Place You Visit

Even if you have to ship small souvenirs home via FedEx you should still get yourself a little something.  They say that pictures speak a thousand words. After you finish your travels (most people do) and you assimilate back into what our culture considers “normal society”, those little things are what will remind you of that one time when….

Most countries and/or regions that I have visited I always remember to get a little something to remind me of those times.

Now that I have settled down semi permanently I can’t tell you how nice it is to have those little things that remind me of those trips.

  1. Back Up Everything… OFTEN

You won’t forgive yourself for those priceless memories that can’t be done over.  The pictures, videos, and messages, that were lost because of an accident, robbery, or unexpected event can never be recovered.

There are simple online services where we can backup our data.

I keep an extra external back up hard drive with me at all times. I save my data on my laptop, both back up drives, and when I visit the Madame Wandering Trader once a year I back it up on another hard drive. This means I have my data in three separate locations.

I would recommend that you never buy the standard back up drives from Western Digital or any other company that is sold at Best Buy.  These are some of the worst drives that money can buy.

Spend an extra buck or two and buy yourself an A-DATA shock resistant and waterproof drive. See on Amazon or their website. Also understand that new SSID (solid state hard drives) are much less likely to crash than common hard drives used today.

SSID drives are very expensive however.

  1. Stop & Double Check Before Leaving Anywhere

When we are in a hurry, flustered, or nervous many times we can forget things. The more common scenario is that we forget.

One of the best travel tips for world travel that takes less than 30 seconds is to stop and double check.

Anytime you exit a taxi take a moment to mentally check where everything should be and check your pockets. Check the seats and look on the floor before you leave. Anytime you leave a hotel as soon as you are ready to leave go back into the room and do a quick check.

Look in the bathroom, shake the sheets, throw them on the floor.

Double checking before I have left a hotel room has saved me from leaving many things, one time it was my passport! Even if you are already late for a flight 30 seconds isn’t going to make a difference.

Travel Tip: Double Check Everything

Travel Tip: Double Check Everything

  1. Smile Often

Have you ever noticed that there are some people that everyone loves and other people that every one hates? Your demeanor has everything to do with how people treat you.

Keeping a smile on your face and an open mind allows you to have an open demeanor.

Having an open demeanor allows you to be open to many things including having a great time. I can’t remember how many times I have been in a situation where I was in such a bad mood. I would organize myself, put a smile on my face, and I ended up having a great time after that.

Make sure to smile often and be ready for anything. People will be more receptive to you if you smile!

  1. Second Reminder To Keep An Open Mind

We all have our preconceived notions about what is right and wrong, how things should be done in public, when and why things should be done.

Understand that when traveling around the world that you are playing by someone else’s rules.

This isn’t America where things are served in 30 seconds. It isn’t Europe where dining is a culinary experience, an event to behold, not just an event to refuel.

By keeping an open mind it will allow you to blend in quicker and enjoy yourself!

  1. Experience Matters More Than Things

While I mentioned a travel tip to buy yourself a little something when you are traveling. I have found that experiences really do mean much more than things.

Material things only go so far.

It is no wonder why Americans have all the material possessions they want but they don’t seem to be the happiest people in the world.

Don’t worry so much about having or buying the best and greatest gadgets. Worry more about feeling a city and its people. You will see the difference when you actually feel a culture.

  1. Force Yourself to Be Uncomfortable

When I first left to travel the world I had to have all of my American conveniences. I was used to my cereal in the morning and Starbucks Lattes.

While I was already pretty laid back, I wasn’t happy if I didn’t have hot water, didn’t eat, or couldn’t sleep.

Over time I became comfortable with skipping breakfast here and there. Especially when it meant missing my flight. I also became comfortable with taking cold showers. Sometimes things just don’t work as well as they should. In many emerging economies that is just the way things work actually.

Just remember that you may not have all of the conveniences you are used to. That may just teach you a few things about being able to adapt and becoming a better person.

Travel Tip: Genuinly Try To Help People

Travel Tip: Genuinly Try To Help People

  1. Genuinely Try To Help People

If there was one thing I hate about our society today is that we only care about ourselves. Many people ask me why I teach people how to day trade if I can do it on my own and be happy. Truth is I can’t explain the feeling of giving someone else the ability to control their own destiny and have their financial freedom.

When you are in a jam I’m sure you will find many locals that will help you for nothing in return.

If you are able to help anyone; a elderly woman crossing the street, a hungry child that wants a candy bar, helping a local into club with a cover charge, anything.

I don’t give money to the red cross because of the corruption and the fact that the CEO of a non profit makes more money than the United States of America.

I make that up by making sure I genuinely try to help people while I am traveling. Whether that is the person I meet in a third world country or a person I am teaching how to day trade.

  1. Never Stop Learning

The Roman Empire began to decay the moment that they stopped growing. I believe 100% that when we stop learning and growing, that is when we ourselves begin to decay.

It isn’t easy, especially as we get older, but try to never stop learning.

Many people that learn how to travel the world know this and that is why they continue to travel. To continuously explore and learn about our ever changing world.  There are amazing things out there to experience and you should never stop learning no matter how tired or old you get.

  1. Get Rid of Your Inhibitions & Just Do It

Traveling the world isn’t the easiest thing in the world. A lot of times there are logistical problems, financial terms to deal with, and the aspect of uncertainty that many people can’t deal with.

Doesn’t matter what it is, how you feel, how afraid you are, or how shy you might be.

The best travel tip I can provide if you want to learn to travel the world is let go of all your inhibitions and go for it.


  1. Great post man.

    I’ve been travelling and living abroad on/off for the last 9 years and your points make so much sense. Hard to add many more pointers, i hope I remember to come back and comment when something pops up. Gonna sign up and check out your daytrading stuff, sounds really interrsting. Keep up the good work, and keep on living your dreams.

    Thank you

  2. The tip #20 is the best! I feel so related. When I’m at home, I need to pack a bunch of food to hang on for the day -not going to spend my euros eating out when I can save for travel 🙂 – but when I travel is so different. If the hostel doesn’t offer breakfast, I normally skip it, or if I have to wake up at 4 am to catch a flight, is easier to wake up for that than waking up two hours later to go to classes. I guess traveling puts things into perspective and you realize that some efforts here and there is all worthy.

  3. Thank you I absolutely love this I am from Iceland middle age woman and like to travel the world. I have been a volunteer on Holy Isle in Scotland for 1 year and ready to move on. I would love to have your advice. Thank you again. Love, Fritha

  4. This was an amazing article. Your journey is awesome and meaningful and I loved the fact that you shared your experiences. I am from India and have also lived in the USA so I could connect well with some of the things your wrote about. Looking forward to more of your writing.

  5. Loved reading this piece. I do a lot of traveling myself. But its mostly for work. Still I try to make sure that I cherish and learn and experience whatever I can from my travels with the spare time that my work allows me. I could actually relate to everything you mentioned about minimum packing, meeting people, double checking everything and all. But the best part of your piece was about “Keeping an open mind”. That is the biggest thing I’ve learned from my travels. If people start to realize the fact that just because something is different it doesn’t mean it is better or worse than how you know things to be, then the world would be a much much much better place and people would enjoy their lives so much, irrespective of whether they travel or not. This is because you have so much diversity in your daily lives too. Just love what you are doing with your life! Kudos!!

  6. Great list!
    I think the only things I’d add to the list would be: as a girl, travelling alone is great, and people should not be scared to give it a try.
    Oh yeah, and you soon learn that you have an accent. You know how when you’re around people with the same accent, you think you don’t have one? Yeah, wait until you get to a foreign country and try that. Even though you may both speak English, there’s no way everyone is going to understand everything you say!

  7. Great tips! I think the idea that no matter how different we are, we are all the same is something I read time and time again on travel blogs – and I have to agree. We are all people! It’s something to keep in mind always when in a new, seemingly foreign or strange place.

  8. Marcello, I really enjoy your Travel Tips and learning from your real life experiences.
    I would like to know where your favorite Countries are for meeting girls??? 😉

  9. HEY Man
    My name is Gary i have been in 83 countries 6 continents
    and have been travelling for about 27yrs now off and on
    And your tips could of not been more dead on spot on
    I totally agree with everything you said except i am not a
    computer person and dont carry any electronics only a camera
    but all the experiences i have had it would take forever to write so
    i just wanted to say hi to a fellow traveller.Feel free to get back to me as
    well would love to chat more with you
    Thanks Gary

  10. Hi
    Impressive sets of “rules” and I couldn’t agree more.Im doing pretty much what you do since 2012 and I would just like to add a thing or 2 (maybe I missed them)
    1) DO “invest” in a good insurance-thing will go wrong at some stage and when it does you are really glad you have it (also for general peace of mind during your travels).I had a nasty accident in Afghanistan of all places but we were lucky and all ended well-the bill back home was a cool 13000 formsurgery however-allmtaken care of by my insurance company
    2)Im also an old trader but I found my style of trading unsuitable to travel (so I chose to travel) I have always traded rather big and when you do I found I had to stay infront of the screen all the time-just a personal reflection
    Good luck on your travels

  11. Marcelllo,

    It has been a couple of years since we spoke on the phone, I would ask you how are you doing, but I just got finish reading your amazing 23 Best Travel Tips After 5 Years Of Traveling The World. I can see you’re doing well as always.

    I want to learn how to day trade, I will engage.

    Great article!

    Take Care bud,


  12. Great advice! As someone who has been traveling for the majority of the last 15 months, I find myself agreeing with almost all of your points. I especially agree that if people are thinking about doing this that they should because it’s an amazing experience and that it doesn’t have to be expensive if you are willing to live simply and travel slowly. I actually think the simple, slow travel experience is better, not just cheaper.

  13. Please advice on a fairly cheap but a little comfort tour to the victoria falls and okavango delta.And how to go about it from Kenya.Hav already a few quotes but still pricy.

  14. hahahahahah!! I love it marcello!! especially when you wrote ,please guys bring 2 condoms from china!!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 🙂

  15. I like all of these tips except for 14. Most souvenirs aren’t worth it and if anything, you should buy something that you will actually use! My favorite souvenirs are the ones that I use day in and day out such as a bag or a piece of jewelry. Pictures will do for a lot of places. Also, Fedex around the world gets expensive!

  16. Your Blog is indeed, fully loaded of tips , advices , and good intention .

    I’m 22, I live in France , and I think It’s quite the same situation in USA, Im Jobless , I don’t find any goal in my life ! I reject all the time the mordern averages clichees in one of the “most-civilised” country of all earth : (WHICH IS NOT, CLEARLY) !
    But i’m handy , open minded, curious, strong , non-complaining and thirsty of knowledges and experiences !

    I appreciate your blog . It’s been a long time that I’m looking to leave my country and begin a journey/trip !
    I won’t forget to keep your blog on my mind when I’ll be ready to go !! PEACE !

  17. Thank you Marcello. You just told me pretty much everything I’ve been needing and wanting to hear. I’ve always had this unwavering urge to travel and live outside the US but didn’t, for whatever reason. I even paid a bunch of money to be “TESOL certified” in San Francisco 6 years ago thinking that would get me out of here. Alas I stayed in Utah and got into trouble and heartaches instead. Perhaps because I was afraid, didn’t believe in myself, I thought I might get homesick or severely depressed – excuses that don’t serve me, or even apply, anymore. Just the little extra nudge that I am making the right decision makes my heart that much lighter. I know it must be time when I spend hours every day researching, reading travel articles, staring at maps, and contemplating selling my car for the price of a plane ticket just after I drop off my belongings at my storage unit. This is the most honest and relatable “list” I’ve yet to stumble upon and I’m glad it was today…Thanks again, cheers, and keep up the good work – Aubri Layton, Salt Lake City

  18. Great tips! In fact, I can relate to almost all of them. But yes, traveling light is not my style. I tend to overpack most of the time. 😉

  19. Great tips! Totally agree with these! I’m sure you already do this too but one of my most precious things to keep is a short journal in order to look back and remember specific details of places and experiences later on. A brief summary of feelings and thoughts is great to have too!

  20. wow, A long list of tips that should help almost every type of traveler….
    I like “Stop & Double Check Before Leaving Anywhere” this tip… because it happened to me many times before that I visited a place and missed a couple of key attractions and I regretted for that….

  21. Lists like these makes me even more excited about my own upcoming trip.
    And I agree with you on the mom part – my mom will probably expect me to update her five times a day to make sure I’m still alive! 🙂

  22. That’s a lot of tips! They are all great though. There are often times just peoples fears holding them back from an adventure. “What if something goes wrong?” Well, what if it goes right?
    The backing up everything is a good point too. We just bought an external hard drive to store photos, as we had been using Shutterfly to store old photos. While doing a website redesign, we realized that all of our photos were severely compressed and blowing them up in size greatly reduced their original quality. Total bummer, but lesson learned. Back up everything!

  23. It is also a nice addition to learn the basics of local language. When going to South America, Spanish and Portuguese are must. In China, it is advisable to speak Chinese (although it can be tricky language to English-speaking people), etc. The same rules also apply to the culture. Learning a little culture and respect of local manners goes a long way.

  24. I’ll be visiting Chile (Easter island & Santiago) & Argentina(Buenos Aires, Ushuaia) sometime in early May 2015. Any recommendations or travel suggestions that we can keep in mind. Is it worth visiting Uruguay(colonial town or Montevideo?) whilst in Buenos Aires?


  25. Hola!

    Currently travelling around the world for few months already, I came across your blog looking for information about trip to Antarctica from Ushuaia, where I am now.

    Your writing is quite inspiring and I can write that I share some of your tips already about traveling.

    I want to be kept posted! Specially thinking that I want to travel around the world for few more years 🙂

    All the best fellow traveller

  26. Excellent post! I agree with everything especially #19. Experiences really do matter more than anything material you can buy, which is why I love my travel blog. Apart from sharing our experiences and giving tips to other would-be travelers, It’s a chronicle of our life together. My wife and I love looking back at our travel posts. It always makes us smile. 🙂 Thanks for posting this and best of luck to you and your travels!

  27. These are worth gold here man… gold. That many years out travelling really does teach you quite a bit about the world around you and how strikingly different it REALLY is from place to place. Thank you for sharing some of your best tips with us!

  28. Absolutely great tips Marcello, I am just about to head off from my comfortable life in New Zealand to go abroad and no doubt this article helped me get prepared, I really enjoy your blog and how you are able to make trading work for you. Very inspiring that you were able to achieve your dream, I hope like you I can too.

  29. Those are really good tips, I’ll remember them. I feel like traveling alone is kind of scary. Not only am I afraid of being lonely, but I don’t know if it’s really safe for me. That’s mainly why I admire solo female travelers!

  30. I feel that experiencing different cultures can also be enlightening and educational; many travellers look for places to visit whose cultures are different from their own. Learning about other’s lives and customs deepens our understanding of ourselves and of our world.

  31. What a great read. Read your bio and it’s an inspiring story. I met a fellow from the US here in Chiang Mai that learned how to day trade from a guy that he met in South America and has been succeeding at it. I’ve played the markets before, but not sure if I have the personality and temperament to day trade. However, after reading your story, I’m inspired to revisit that notion. Regardless, I’ve signed up for your newsletter. I’ll be following along your adventures. Cheers!

  32. Great post, Marcello. I do like all these tips, and if I had to choose my top three, it’d be: we’ll need 50% of what we pack (travel light, guys!), back up as often as possible (you don’t want to get your laptop stolen on a ferry crossing from Morocco to Spain and realise you didn’t back up 6 months of travel pictures) and smile often (break the ice, have a conversation without a language in common, and make friends).


  33. Excellent post Marcello. I agree with everything you said. Being obsessive compulsive though, I do struggle with number 10. I got a chuckle out of this one:

    “You Will Need 50% Less Things That You Can Pack”

    I always try to bring the exact amount of clothing on a trip but it’s never worked out that way. 🙂

  34. Great tips here! I definitely agree that the best tip is to just go for it – hesitating and fretting about things gets you nowhere. Thanks for sharing your advice!

  35. “Experience Matters More Than Things.” I like this one. I am always on the look out for great experiences, but it is true that sometimes you need some things in life too… if not, at least things that help you enjoy those experiences in the fullest.

  36. Hi Marcello,

    I have been dipping in and out of your site for a short while now. I am a typical expat working in finance in HK (originally from the UK). Whilst I may be turning 40 this year, mid twenties I also spent about 5 years travelling with many of those years spent in South America. One of my trips I rode a bike from Cancun to Rio, and I still remember having this incredibly powerful feeling of complete and utter freedom, when everything I owned was contained in my panniers. Now like many people who have had a level of financial success I feel weighted down by material possessions and financial commitments. Equally I now have a phenomenal family in tow, with 2 very young children.

    It is funny, that no matter what people say your life does change when children come along, all of a sudden other people become much more important in your life than yourself. However this also bears you down as the last thing you want is for them to get hurt in any way, have the best education etc…

    Do you come across many families like ours on your travels. I am actually thinking more and more about bringing them to Latin America to simply try and find a way to zone out of financial markets for a while, and to stop checking my bank balance on a daily basis. I always remember Cuenca was a great spot, which is also very close to Medellin, which I keep reading more and more about….

    Thoughts if you have any would be greatly appreciated

  37. This is exactly it! You’re living the dream and showing others how it’s not so crazy and impossible. I’m a big fan of buying the things you need as you need them. Overpacking is the biggest issue for those that want to get serious about travel. Well, after money of course.

  38. Nice tips, by the way I didn’t like that pic where you were riding… I was in Petra 2 weeks ago, and I saw lotta people doing that path by riding. Do you know how that animal suffers to climb that huge stair? Lol, 1000 steps for an animal it is just too much… you so wise should know it and should’ve gone walking. Imagine you doing that with 75kg on u………….

  39. Hoping to see a new post from you, been a while, and wondering where you’re at and what you’re up to. Living vicariously is great, but learning about where to go next, and why is fantastic in terms of travel planning.

  40. Hi “wanderingtrader”.. This is really nice article and

    I’m really impressed by the way
    you’ve shared the things here. I believe Travelling as a part of our life.

    It is an adventure, and I’m sure those are not into this, are missing
    a whole lot in life.
    My vacation was fun filled and I definitely recommend stayaway.com for

    the new adventure seekers. #stayawaycation !

  41. Love this post. It’s so inspiring! I got little taste of travel last summer living abroad and this makes me want to do it again more than anything! Thanks for sharing your best tips.

  42. I really appreciate this beautiful and amazing post!!
    The 1st one makes me smile right away [singing ‘We Are The World’].
    And the 13th one makes me squeal ~
    The others are really useful too. Anyone who can have this experience is really amazing! I hope I can be one of those people too. And when that time comes, I’ll remember this lovely post.

  43. Hi
    I am starting a travel niche website and I love your blog. I was wondering if you would allow me to attach it to my website? Let me know. Thanks so much
    PJ Paterson

  44. Such detailed and inspiring list! You can sense that those are made from experience, not read from some magazine:)
    I really loved 5th- I have noticed that when I’m showing foreigner my city I try to show them all the best places, go the extra mile so they would love the place as much as I do. Also I have noticed that when I’m visiting other cities or countries people are so lovely and helpful!
    Few months ago we went to Moscow with Travel all Russia agency and the third day we tried to walk around the city by ourselves and it was great experience. Locals showed us all the nice places to have a beer and best places to buy souvenirs.
    All in all- great list, definitely will have to print it to motivate myself during the weekdays at the office!

  45. Hi Wandering trader –

    How do you do? I am looking do day trading travel like you and want to ask you a question. This is not about technique or strategy, but more about some rules and regulations I am not clear with. Could you please answer ?

    I am in India.

    1} I read in your blog and other places on the internet that to day trade in US you need 25000 $ minimum. Isnt this a bit high ? I find so many people on youtube day trading in US and don’t seem to have such amount of money at the beginning. Not sure how they manage.

    Could you tell me if we are permitted to trade with that 25 k $ though ? What I mean is, say we have 30 k $, and we trade for 20 k $ on a particular day trade, the remaining amount in the account will only be 10 k $ which means balance is less than 25 k $. Is this permitted ?

    2} What is the brokerage charged by discount brokers ? I find some brokerages (not sure they are discount brokers) to be very high – I read something like 9.99 $ per trade. Will we be able to make profits on this ? I am asking this from an Indian market perspective, where we do quick trades – 1 or 2 minutes – and make around 10 – 15 dollars. Brokerage is much lower as you can imagine.

    So, basically, my question is – is there enough liquidity and movement in US markets (I know its a silly question) to cover for brokerage and other charges, and still make enough profit doing quick trades?

    3} Can you suggest any other national markets where international traders can do intraday trade easily – in terms of regulations (example: somewhere that 25 k $ requirement is not there or is much less and still a good and stable exchange) and in terms of charges like brokerage and taxes

    4} Another important question is about outward remittance. Which country has ease of outward remittance in terms of regulations and banking services/technology, so that profits can be moved to our country of residence ?

    Thank you

  46. One of the most inspirational articles that I’ve ever read! Thanks man, i really needed this information in my life.

  47. Great tips mate, really love what you say about travelling alone. Has always been my Achilles heel, which I’m slowly concurring. Some of my best travels has been when I finally had the guts to travel alone. Keep up the good work!

  48. 1 and 2 I learnt as well very quickly and early on, which is why I guess they’re at the top! 14 I don’t do myself as I like to travel light and use photos as souvenirs instead of buying something specifically. As an alternative, I also keep tickets from train journeys etc.

  49. Love the list Marcello!
    I’ve been travelling quite extensively over the last few years but without giving up my day-job, and there are perks to doing it that way (takes away the money constraints). But I think it’s time to take it to the next level and actually experience living in different places. After all, nobody said I could only have one career and should only live in one or two places all my life! What’s the worst that could happen? 🙂

  50. This is a very inspiring and insightful post. It’s full of life lessons. I really like the idea of genuinely helping others – that’s what this blog is all about. Keep up the good work Marcello!

  51. I really appreciate this amazing and beautiful post. Everyone should know about these tips in their life. I like to travel and before 3 months I was in Egypt. From this list I mostly like the line, “Never stop learning” because travel is just like an endless university. We should now continuously explore and learn about our ever changing world. Before any travel, I follow the entire tip that’s why I like to prefer “ask-Aladdin”. You may also refer for more information.

  52. This is an incredible post. I am currently living in Namibia and I have to say contacting your mom/family is extremely important when living in Africa. They are always worried about you and what is happening across the world. Also keeping an open mind is the most important tip. Without that thinking I probably wouldn’t have eaten caterpillars, swam in a river with elephants twenty meters away, or even lived in a mud hut for an extended period of time. You never know what you will miss if you don’t open your mind to the possibilities the world has to offer.

  53. As a manager of a hotel in Greece I can tell you we always see travelers that should have followed your advice. They simply don’t plan ahead and end up spending lots of money replacing essential things they could have brought from home.

  54. This is great article. I haven’t traveled as much as you did but I can agree on all of these.
    I am about to go on another journey and was checking out numerous travel blogs, but yours is the one really helps. Thanks!

  55. Thank you, I am glad you are enjoying my travel articles and I hope you friend enjoys his own adventures around the globe.

  56. mom/family is extremely important when living in Africa. They are always worried about you and what is happening across the world. Also keeping an open mind is the most important tip. Without that thinking I probably wouldn’t have eaten caterpillars, swam in a river with elephants twenty meters away, or even lived in a mud hut for an extended period of time. You never know what you will miss if you don’t open your mind to the possibilities the world has to offer.

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