Brazil After The World Cup: (Hint) Still Amazing

Day Traders In Brazil

Day Traders In Brazil

The first time I experienced Brazil was during the Carnival in Salvador.

It is one of those countries that remain in your heart forever.

The beautiful people.

The vastness of the country.

And the endless corruption and bureaucracy.  Sorry I meant charm.

Many people think that Brazil is just big butts, bikinis, and an endless beach that wraps around the whole country. They also have oil. It is one of the those countries that you will never forget; the parties are different, the people are unlike any you will meet, and due to the gigantic size of the country you can find almost everything.

Visiting the Christ The Redeemer Statue

Visiting the Christ The Redeemer Statue

Truth is Brazil is a country with an infinite amount of subcultures.

The Northeast has a larger African influence while the South is more European. Rio de Janeiro has become the melting pot where people from all over Brazil (and the world) come to find a bit of everything. The city was once the capital of Brazil and now it remains the heart of the Portuguese descendants.

This trip was a little bit different.

For those of you that are new to the site you may not know that I day trade in the stock market for a living. That is how I fund my travels around the world.

Over the last few years we have been able to train many people that we call Master Traders.

These are traders that are now making a living with the strategy that we teach at our sister site: http//thedaytradingacademy.com. Many of these traders I now consider to be close friends and family.

It was time that we took a vacation together.

 We also went shopping.

For our new day trading center in Brazil.

It was great to be able to put on my WanderingTrader hat back on and be the tour guide for a change.

Day Trader Selfie Brazil

We also took day trader selfies.

We did what any other trader would do and rented an absolutely incredible penthouse overlooking all of Copacabana.

It had indescribable views off the beach and we got together to relax, enjoy the view, and of course, trade and make some money.

They fell in love with various parts of Brazil. Nikolai, above, couldn’t get enough Acai. It can described as a yogurt smoothie that one eats with a spoon. They take the Acai fruit, pulverize it, mix it with ice, and voilah! Healthy ice cream.

At least that is how Nikolai described it.

Manny fell in love with the food as well. Brazilian hamburgers and the appetizing Brigadeiro. A ball of chocolate filled with sweetened condensed milk and caramel wrapped in chocolate sprinkles.

Just imagine that for a moment.

Brazilian Goodies :)

Brazilian Goodies 🙂

The views were impeccable from above.

We were stationed right on the corner of where Copacabana and Ipanema beach collide. In the mornings we were able to witness the sunrises and in the evenings the sunsets with 360 degree views.

One of the best parts of the trip is during October Brazil changes their time zone (similar to day light savings in the USA). We were able to snooze and enjoy the view until roughly 11am to start watching the markets.

We also met up with our Brazilian Master Trader, Guillherme.  He is the one that is going to help in opening our day trading center in Brazil.

Brazil Penthouse View

Before visiting Rio de Janeiro we stopped in the South to meet up with Giga and bring him with us to Rio.

Gaucho country. Pronounced Gah-oo-chow.

The city of Porto Alegre in the South is completely different than the rest of the country. The culture is more similar to Uruguay and Argentina than to the rest of Brazil. I was amazed how all of the houses have their own grill room. Very similar to how houses in Florida have an extra living room called the Florida Room. Or in the Northern states how most houses have cellars.

While Rio was the end of our trip I highly doubt that we will stop traveling.

Manny is able to travel with his entire family now. Nikolai has also become the 2nd WanderingTrader!  As I speak Guillherme is in the Galapagos Islands almost getting eaten by Sea Lions.

The best part of it all is that we are continuing to help people by teaching them how to trade and become financially independent.

That at the end of the day is what makes it all worth it.

To a wondrous 2015.



  1. “The North has a larger African influence while the South is more European. ”

    dafuq? North has a bigger native american population. Most of the african descendants are in Northeast and Southeast, where the big plantations were during the slavery time. You are correct about the South.

    1. I was referring to the coastlines but you area right Anon. But the South there are more Europeans while the interior of the country which includes the Northern areas like Manaus are more indigenous. Will change North to Northeast for the African populations.

  2. Wow that’s an impressive balcony view.

    That’s awesome you guys are living the life doing your day trading stuff. I want to hit up south america one day. Brazil is definitely on the hit list 🙂

    Jack Johnson

  3. G’day Marcello, Loved your podcast and was just wondering what happened to it and if was coming back? I trade forex and really like your lifestyle podcast on the lifestyle that can be led using trading.



  4. Isn’t that the dream after all? Pursuing what you love to do the most, and in such beautiful locations, it’s hard to beat that. Those chocolates look divine… and Brazil never gets old, after 2 fantastic stays there, I know already I’ll be going back very soon.

  5. Hi there! Nice blog.

    I have been living in Brasil for almost 2 years. My wife is from there. As much as I liked the country I’d much rather live in Europe as the life in EU is cheaper and safer. I found Brazil very expensive, an absurd! Almost everything you buy you have to spend a fortune 🙁 But not everything was bad in Brazil, dont get me wrong, I like people, climat (maybe too hot), food, music and beaches 🙂

  6. Very cool! I lived in Brazil for 5 months in 2015 and agree with what you say about the culture and diversity. Such an amazing place (though of course not all of it is amazing). We also visited the south and thought it was an incredible difference from Sao Paulo state where we were living and of course party central in Rio. I would love to live in Rio one day, or spend more time there at least. Though I agree with another post where you wrote about Internet problems in Brazil, even in 2015 those were not resolved. Cheers!

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