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The Insatiable Diversity in Toronto

The Insatiable Diversity in Toronto

The diversity in Toronto was the first thing that I became addicted to when I first started living overseas many years ago.  I keep telling myself it wasn’t the beautiful women but the diversity.  Having a range of citizens from around the world isn’t unique to Toronto but I have found that the interaction of […]

Reverse Culture Shock: From Canada To South America & Back

Reverse Culture Shock: From Canada To South America & Back

This is a guest post by Brice Peressini from Traveling To Colombia. I recently experienced the woes of reverse culture shock when returning back home to Canada after eight months of being in South America.  Travel changes us.  This is part of what we love, crave, and search for when traveling. The experiences, places and people […]

Coffee In Canada: The Good, Bad, & Disgusting

Tim Hortons

There aren’t a lot of people that don’t like coffee.  When I first arrived in Toronto there was a bit of chaos with riots, earthquakes, and even a G20 meeting (click here for story).  It took me a while to get situated since I was in-between two apartments but I can attest that living in Toronto […]


Festival Of Laughs

Montreal is like no place in the world with a unique fusion of American and French Cultures.  It is the 2nd largest French speaking city in the world after Paris.  I encounteredculture shock in Montreal when I first arrived in the city as you really have a mixture of expectations.  You will pleasurably be surprised by […]

Transportation in Canada: Via Rail Train Review

Canada Train Map, Canada train system

There are a lot of ways to get from point A to Point B in Canada, especially in the most popular route from Toronto to Montreal.  We discussed all your transportation in Canada options and even did a Canadian bus travel review so you can make the best decision on how to travel.  Now we […]

Eating in Toronto: 500 feet in the sky

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With all the diversity that Toronto hosts everyone is able to find the most authentic food around the world.  You can think of almost any culture and find a restaurant that has it, from exotic food to host your Lebanese and Malaysian tastes to your good old American classics.  You can find a unique experience […]


Old Montreal, things to do in Montreal, Montreal

There is no city in the world that you can name that provides as much mystic, grandeur, and beauty as the city of Paris.  They say that in Paris you can watch the whole world walk by, have you ever wondered where they came up with that saying? If you ever ask anyone the top […]

CN Tower: Watching the Yankees game at 1,800 feet

I really wanted to go back to New York City to see a Yankees game before I left North America.  I think everyone should go see a game in the Bronx since its one of the great american pastimes.  I was still able to see the New York City skyline and other parts of the […]


I love this video because it shows the passion that these people have for festivals.  There are many things that Caribbeans are proud of and at the top of the list are their festivals and Caribana in Toronto Canada is no exception.  Great music with great people and one of the great things about Caribana […]


caribana in toronto canada, caribana 2010, caribana 2011, caribana toronto, caribana, caribana parade

This is one of my favorite costumes that I saw in the entire parade.  You can see in the back left of the picture the mobile gate that was formed to keep tourists out.  I of course am one of those guilty tourists that decided to jump the fence.  If you ever plan on attending […]