How to get around using your cell phone on an Airplane

You have heard the warning and the constant reinforcement from the captains and flight attendants “please turn off all electronic equipment during flight” and “any wireless device cannot be used at any point during the flight”.  I don’t think the overpaid CEO’s of these companies realize that you can actually turn off the wireless feature on many new phones (I own a blackberry its called airplane mode).

Through my 8 hour flight, I have promptly exhausted all avenues of entertainment.  All four of my laptop batteries are dead (my laptop and power don’t get along very well don’t ask), my ipod is dead, and I have thoroughly read and considered every useless and overpriced item in the airline sky magazine.  I am down to my last option: my cell phone (blackberry’s always come through in the end).

  1. But should I risk it?
  2. Will the airline electrical system stop working because of my wireless interference?
  3. And what if I get caught?
  4. Is the airline attendant going to hold my blackberry captive until we reach our destination?

These are all things I considered in the span of 2 seconds.  My answers were:

  1. Yes I’m bored
  2. I highly doubt it
  3. I most likely will
  4. I will guard it with my life.

So there I am, partying like its 1999 in my tight airline seat hoping not to get caught. What happens?  A soft voice promptly says “hi sir is that a cell phone?”  I responded yes, I wanted to stay out of trouble, which she replied without delay “please put it away you are not allowed to have cell phone”.  The fun on my flight has officially ended.

So five minutes later I take my blackberry out again since the boredom is worse than sitting in church after a huge meal.  And without delay I get caught again (this time however I had my wits about me).  She asks me to put the cell phone away and I tell her “this one is not a cell phone, the other one is.”  She looks confused, irritated, and completely convinced she is going to catch me.  She says “are you sure” which I reply with no hesitation “absolutely” and smile (If you saw my smile it is completely incapable of lying to someone).  I HAVE WON THE BATTLE!

The rest of flight was a bit awkward, especially since she was giving me funny looks every time she would walk by.  I wasn’t worried since I was happy with my cell phone for the rest of the flight.

Point of the story:  Sometimes you know better than the silly rules they make, it’s okay to bend the rules every once and while.

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