Changes Im Making for Traveling in 2012

I have had an aggressive travel schedule in 2011.  Something along the lines of 30 something countries across 5 continents.  I have traveled to almost every country in the western hemisphere minus most countries in Central America and have officially been the first day trader and blogger to South Sudan!  I did get arrested and detained in South Sudan but the point is I made it! There are a few things that I need to change to both enjoy my travels more and also get some business done.  This travel blog  has simply blown up way bigger than I thought it would so I have to focus on both travel and business.

blackberry iphone android

New Cell Phone

It’s time to upgrade and its going to be tough this time to choose between what’s out there.  When I purchased my first smart phone it was nothing but blackberry.  Now the Iphone cult has been released and the family friendly Android is out as well. I have resisted getting a new phone simply because I like to have backups and moving everything over to a new phone and getting backups of everything would be a mess.  Going to put out a post to talk about the positives and negatives to try and decide between the two!

Traveling in Two’s

Many people have commented on how I always travels with two of everything; two cell phones, two cameras, two cables of everything, pretty much everything that’s important and expensive I carry two of.  Things can get expensive with this strategy but traveling through Eastern Africa it really paid off.  I broke one cell phone and a camera as well and having two of everything saved me big time.  I plan on staying with this strategy because its bound to happen again.


New Gear

My luggage has completely fallen apart because Africa has chewed it to pieces.  Not only has my luggage fell apart but almost every shirt that I own has holes in it.  Africa was definitely tough including Madagascar being one of the toughest places I have ever traveled to.  I need to purchase a bigger book bag (not backpack, book bag) to fit my growing list of goodies that I carry with me on small trips.  One of the things that I plan on purchasing is a Scottevest so I can travel through the airport easier.


  1. It can be mind boggling choosing between smart phones that have been released nowadays. Good luck with choosing a good one! Android and iPhone have almost similar applications available, though I’m not so sure with a Blackberry.

    Enjoy the change! It’s definitely a good thing!

  2. That vest looks pretty cool. But have to say I doubt I’m not convinced its going to make travelling through an airport any easier. I just imagine having to spend ages taking everything out of all those pockets to go through security.

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