I not only tried a typical Chilean dish but also tried a delicious Chilean drink.  If you haven’t read my post on living in Chile then I should inform you that there are two things that are constant in Chile, endless amounts of delicious ice cream and women wearing ugly jeans.  I have now confirmed men wear ugly jeans but I digress.  I met a great group of friends and they took me out to the Palacio del Terremoto, “The Earthquake Palace”, ironic I know.  This place looked like a massive school cafeteria with the menu’s written on the walls.

drinks in Chile
The Terremotto

The first thing that made me laugh hysterically is an “official drink” they told me that I had to try.  When the waiter brought me the ice cream laiden beverage I asked if this really was it and he said yes.  After being dubbed the nickname Triple XXX by the birthday boy, I tried the drink and it was actually very delicious.  No one believes me when I say that Chileans are addicted to ice cream.

The terremotto (earthquake in english) is a combination of fernet, pineapple icecream, and a very sweet white wine called pipeno.  You can’t taste the pineapple in the ice cream and I was a bit hesitant due to the fact that fernet is a “typical Argentine drink” that is disgusting.  Technically an amaro with a bit of a bitter taste, I tried this while living in Buenos Aires, Argentina with extremely negative results.  The ice cream of course added an extra kick to the ice cream I’ve never experienced.


One thing that was different with this place is the fact that everyone intermingled much more than any club or bar I have been to in the United States or anywhere in Europe.  When someone would leave their party early for the night they would be yelled at that they were “party poopers’ and that they were “lame”, etc.  Once their own friend started the entire place started yelling at these poor souls until they could no longer be seen.  Once they left everyone went back to their own parties.

You can even see in the video above how once we started singing happy birthday everyone turned around in the building and started singing along.  And once he started chugging the terremoto everyone starting yelling the Spanish equivalent of chug, chug, chug!  There was no hostility between anyone in the place and everyone was there to have a good time.  Look out for part 2 when we try a typical Chilean dish: Chorillana.


  1. Crazy time! I want to go to Chile. The ice cream does sound delicious though…a bit afraid because I’m a vegan…what on earth can I live on? Ice cream?

  2. Im late to the post, but the first night in a new country is always the best. Only night better is the last night when you get to party with all your new friends. Now if we can just figure out how to avoid goodbyes….

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